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22 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Video Gamers

22 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Video Gamers

With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to get some serious shopping done. Knowing what to get can be challenging, especially if you're unfamiliar with the recipient's favorite hobby. Gift shopping is even more complicated when your loved ones adore video games and you don't.

To help, we've compiled a list of the best gaming gift ideas, with something for every kind of player. As you browse this list, think about whether your intended recipient prefers PC gaming or consoles such as the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox.

Valve Steam DeckValve Steam Deck

The Steam Deck from Valve is expected to be one of the hottest gaming gifts this year. The Steam Deck is a gaming PC designed for portable handheld gaming and is powerful enough to run even the best AAA games. You get full access to your Steam Library and the Steam community. It comes with a carrying case, so it’ll stay protected on the go, and no matter which model you buy, it has expandable storage via microSD, so there’s always room to add more games. For PC gamers that prefer a mouse and keyboard, the Steam Deck is Bluetooth-ready, has a USB-C port, and can even be plugged into an external monitor or TV. An official dock is also available separately to plug in more peripherals. So if you're looking for a holiday gift that will make that gamer in your life happy, the Valve Steam Deck is a great choice. It’s not out yet, but Valve is taking reservations now with expectations of availability starting in October.

Oculus Quest 2

This VR headset from Facebook requires users to have an account with the social media site. If your gift recipient already has an account, this cool gadget will provide plenty of virtual reality fun. The Oculus Quest 2 is currently the latest in virtual reality headsets and offers an immersive and realistic VR experience. It features a high-resolution LCD RGB display, built-in speakers, and a comfortable and user-friendly design. The Quest 2 also supports many apps and games, making it the perfect VR headset for gaming and entertainment. And Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the newest Oculus Quest device, rumored to be Project Cambria or the pro version of the Quest 2, will be released in October, right before the holidays. We make skins for Oculus Quest and other VR systems too!

Old School Consoles

Older gamers — or those who appreciate the classics — will love to receive something retro. Nintendo's Game and Watch series offer portable versions of 8-bit classics The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers. Or, if they like collectibles, consider a retro system and retro games from eBay - just make sure this is something they want or don’t already have. You can find package deals for systems like the Atari, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Wii / Wii U, Sony PSP, Sega Genesis, and many other hard-to-find consoles and handhelds.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset

Online gamers looking for a top-of-the-line experience and that love to chat with friends need a good headset. The Arctis Pro and Arctis Nova Pro headsets are light and comfortable. You can make calls and control your music right from the headset – also, you can adjust the volume and mute or unmute your microphone. You'll get superior audio to maximize your gaming experience fully. 

The Arctis Nova Pro was recently released in 2022 and adds some upgrades to the Arctis Pro, such as noise canceling, better comfort, improved audio, and longer battery life. Both models come in either Playstation/PC or Xbox variants. This one is top of the line and compatible with computer games, PlayStation 4 and 5. You can customize your SteelSeries headset for only $17.99!

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Marathon gaming sessions can be hard on the back and an ergonomic chair can alleviate that problem. Comfy chairs from Secretlab are immensely popular and available for people of all shapes and sizes. Their new Titan Evo 2022 is one of the top-rated gaming chairs of the year, although pricey. If you’re looking for something more affordable – their Omega model is a great choice. Secretlab is at the top of the gaming chair space, but they aren’t the only option. You can also find great chairs from Herman Miller, Corsair, and DXRacer.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Whether for a professional streamer or someone just starting, the Blue Yeti is an excellent microphone for gamers and creators. It's easy to set up and use and produces clear high-quality sound. Plus, the built-in pop filter helps to reduce background noise and pops. The Blue Yeti is also very affordable, making it perfect for budget-conscious creators. The Blue Yeti is a great option if you're looking for an excellent all-around microphone for gaming and streaming.

Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor can be valuable for some console gamers, but PC players typically get the most use out of them. Popular options include the 34-inch Alienware 34 QD-OLED, the 27-inch 4K LG 27GN950-B, the affordable 27-inch Dell S2722DGM gaming monitor, and the huge 43-inch ASUS PG43UQ ROG Swift 4K monitor.

Extra Wireless Controllers

Whether your favorite gamer is into PlayStation, Xbox, or PC gaming, an additional game controller is always needed. First-party offerings from the console makers themselves are always the best way to go. These are also compatible with the PC. We make wraps for controllers for all of the top gaming systems too, so that you can add that personal touch to your gift.

Alienware M15 R75 Gaming Laptop

Offering incredible gaming experiences on the go, Alienware's popular gaming laptop is sure to be a hit. Alienware's website allows for complete customization of every component for optimal performance. Though we understand this is a pricey gift! If someone you know already has one, get them an Alienware laptop skin to personalize it instead!

Logitech StreamCam

For those who love to broadcast their online gaming sessions, the Logitech StreamCam is the way to go. This PC webcam pumps out HD video at 60 fps and connects via USB-C. This webcam will have you looking like a pro.

Razer DeathAdder V2 and V3 Pro Mouse

A quality mouse can have a surprising level of influence on the entire PC gaming experience. Razer is a popular brand for hardcore PC gamers. The DeathAdder V2 mouse features eight programmable buttons and elite ergonomics and feel. This amazing mouse and a personalized DeathAdder mouse skin are sure to be a hit. The V2 is still one of the top mice in esports, but Razer has also released the DeathAdder V3 Pro for an extra step up.

Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony Gift Card

Not sure what games or accessories to get someone with a next-generation console? If you know whether that person has a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox, a gift card from Sony or Microsoft should do the trick.

Gaming Subscription

Xbox players will love a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Think of it as Netflix for gaming. The service boasts the addition of over 100 games each month, including the Halo series and titles from the DOOM and Elder Scrolls franchises.

Playstation owners will appreciate a membership to Playstation Plus. This service is relatively new and not as robust as Xbox Game Pass, but Playstation’s library is growing, and new games are added all the time.

For Nintendo Switch owners, you can’t go wrong with a membership to Nintendo Switch Online. This service lets you play games online with friends and access over 100 classic NES and SNES games. And an upgrade to the “Expansion Pack,” gamers can also play a library of N64 games.

Corsair K100 Gaming Keyboard

You can't compete at a high level in online PC games without an excellent keyboard. The Corsair K100 is exactly that, delivering a sturdy aluminum build and fully customizable RGB backlighting for each key.

Custom Mouse Pad

Gamers love to customize everything about their setup. The mousepad is no different, so show them how much you dig their favorite sports team, games, or pop culture character with a custom mousepad.

Game Console SSD

An SSD is an ultra-fast drive that can nearly eliminate game loading times. The PlayStation 5 can be upgraded with the Western Digital Black 1TB M.2 SSD, while the Xbox Series X uses a Storage Expansion Card that can plug into the system.

PlayStation 5 

PlayStation 5 Skins

Even two years after its release, Sony's PS5 console is still challenging to find in stores, but they have become a little easier to find online from reputable stores like Best Buy, GameStop, and directly from Sony. The closer we get to the holidays, the harder they’ll be to find, so start thinking about picking one up now.

If you already have a PS5 or plan to get one, get a skin to customize it!

PlayStation 4 Slim or Pro

Easier to find in stores, the previous generation of PlayStation consoles are still in high demand. With a huge library of excellent games, a PS4 can provide hours of fun. Equipped with a custom design from MightySkins, this console will stand out from the rest. Make sure your gaming fan doesn't already own one before checking it off your shopping list.

Xbox Series X or S

The new rival to the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, and Series S are slightly easier to find online. As you track them down, be mindful of the differences between the X and S consoles. The X is a more expensive, more powerful console that includes a disc drive for playing games and movies. The Series S is cheaper, not as technically powerful, and is a digital-download-only system. And if your gamer giftee already has one, consider a cool new skin for their Xbox console

Xbox One or S

Similar to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and One S are the previously released consoles in the Xbox lineup. These more affordable, easier-to-purchase systems have various games in all genres. The Xbox One has a disc drive, but the S does not, so keep that in mind if your game-loving gift recipient can't get online with their games.

Nintendo Switch Lite 

Nintendo Switch Lite Skins

This handheld-only version of Nintendo's ultra-popular Switch console can play all of the Nintendo classics like Mario Kart 8 and Metroid Dread. Deck one out in a MightySkins wrap to make this colorful handheld even more visually striking.

Nintendo Switch OLED

This improved version of the Nintendo Switch features an ultra-sharp OLED screen, improved battery life, and several other improvements. It costs more than the standard Switch, but that gorgeous screen is worth it. And, of course, we have Switch OLED skins too!

Add MightySkins to Your Christmas Gift List

With so many different gaming items available, there's no shortage of great gift ideas for players of all ages. A custom skin or wrap for your cherished gamer’s device is always a good choice. They’re stylish, made from high-quality automotive vinyl, and won’t break the bank. Check out our options online, or get started customizing your own skins or wraps.
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