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The light and powerful Pico Neo 3 is a lightweight virtual reality headset. Let MightySkins help you make it stylish, too. With hundreds of styling options for VR headset wraps, MightySkins can help make your headset distinctive. It even includes skins for the hand tracking controllers. Plus, the customizer mode lets you use an even more unique design. Create a new design or add a corporate logo to units used in demonstration halls and arcades. Our high-quality automotive-grade vinyl skins resist scuffs, scrapes, and scratches to keep the Neo 3 headsets looking great even after heavy use. Custom cut wraps are as easy to apply as a sticker, but much more durable.

We offer matte, carbon fiber, and glossy-glitter finishes for our skins. Every skin is made in the USA and comes protected by our 30-day "We've Got You Covered" warranty.