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💖 Valentines Sale 💖 25% off use code BEMINE


How to Install Your MightySkin:

1. Clean your device with a damp, lint-free cloth to remove any oil, dirt or residue.

2. Inspect your MightySkin and remove any excess material from the skin.

3. Carefully remove the skin from the backing paper making sure not to stretch the skin material.

4. Gently apply the skin to your device making sure it lines up with all buttons, curves and openings on the device. If needed, you can carefully peel back the skin for proper alignment.

5. Once you are satisfied with the position, firmly press the skin down moving from the middle of the device toward the edges. 

Helpful Tips:

-Wash your hands before you begin installing the skin. Natural oils on your skin can damage the adhesive backing.

-When cleaning your device, do not use any ammonia or solvent based cleaners. Water and a soft cloth works best.

-Be sure to avoid stretching any part of the skin, especially narrow areas. Stretching the skin may cause it to not fit on your device properly.

-Use a credit card to help apply more even pressure. Place a paper towel on the edge of the credit card to avoid scratching or damaging the skin.

Removing your MightySkin:

-To remove your MightySkin, simply peel the skin off of the device.