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Corporate Branded Products

Are you looking for a way to promote your company's brand with high-quality merchandise? Or do you want to customize corporate gear for promotion, protection, and identification? MightySkins™ gives you the ability to skin any corporate gear with a protective skin that features your logo or other art. Don't settle for mere stickers or cheap screen printing that wears off: MightySkins™ are so strong that they don't just hold up, they protect your device and gear. We also offer corporate bulk and wholesale custom phone cases for iPhones and Samsung phones.


Use promo code CORP50 for 50% off orders of 50-100. For even larger orders, special discounts may apply. Email or use the contact form and select Corporate/Bulk Orders in the dropdown. 

Let Us Help Turn Your Logo into the Perfect Skin or Case


If you are the brand owner or provide us with documentation that validates that you can use the logo, we can turn your logo into the perfect skin or case. When you don't have skin-ready art featuring your logo, MightySkins™ can help. We offer design services to take your logo and fit it to the device you want to customize. This can even include skins for devices not listed on our site. We'll design a new template for your unique device.


Not sure whether a skin is the right choice for your application? We can provide you with a blank skin that lets you try it out and see the outstanding properties of MightySkins™. 


Provide us with your branding guidelines, and we'll make sure your brand shines, no matter the context. We'll add an appropriate background, then size and position your logo to fit properly on the device. To get this service, make sure you reach out to us instead of using customizer on the website. Design fees apply for custom templates and skins.


For bulk orders over 100, we even send you a mockup so you can hold the design in your hands and see it with your eyes to make sure it's right.


Need your order in time for a special event like a trade show? We can deliver most orders of up to 200 items within 7 business days of design finalization. High-volume seasons can slow things down, so let us know your deadline as soon as possible so we can tell you if it's workable or not. 

Durable Skins for Quality Gear


Many corporate branded products like drink coolers and tumblers are cheaply made. Logos are screen printed, stenciled, or heat transferred to water bottles and other objects, which means they come off quickly. The products themselves are designed for disposability.


MightySkins™ gives you a way to durably apply your corporate brand to quality gear. Our skins are made of automotive-grade vinyl. There's also an extra layer of clear 3M vinyl to protect against moisture, fading, and scratches. You can upgrade the skins to carbon fiber for extra durability or to a sparkle coating for eye-catching bling.


Our phone cases are made with industry-leading materials, consumables, and inks. Slim Cases are made with strong polycarbonate, and our Tough Cases and MagSafe Tough Cases are made with durable polymers and TPU inserts for additional protection.


Check out our testimonials from satisfied clients, and you’ll see the benefit of our strength.

Corporate Applications for MightySkins™


MightySkins™ are a versatile tool for promoting your corporate brand. You can use them for:


  • Company truck tailgate wraps
  • Corporate gifts to employees and families
  • Gifts for customers
  • Online giveaways
  • Event freebies
  • Branding company property
  • Team and project spirit


MightySkins™ are so sturdy that they can function as company truck tailgate wraps, quickly giving your company trucks a professional appearance.


MightySkins™ also work great to help you create unique corporate gifts any time your company is looking to expand brand awareness and goodwill. Unlike cheap screen-printed or stenciled items, MightySkins™ look and feel professional. They protect the device they're on by resisting water, fading, and scratches. You can apply MightySkins™ to high-quality devices and gear to make truly special gifts that show your employees and customers how much they matter, make online promotional giveaways people really want to win, standout promotional items, or have swag that generate real buzz at trade shows.


Use MightySkins™ to brand company property when you issue laptops and other gear for use at home or on work trips.


You can also use MightySkins™ to help create team spirit for employees working on special projects or product lines. Using MightySkins™ for desk accessories means that when you give them the tools to succeed, you are also giving them the inspiration to excel.


Considering MightySkins™ for other applications? Let us know what you're thinking, and we'll help you make it work. 

Make a Lasting Mark with MightySkins™ 


When you are looking to apply corporate branding to company property or giveaways, don't settle for the cheap travel mugs that others are handing out. Use MightySkins™ to turn any device or gear into a corporate ambassador. You can turn almost anything into custom promotional products. Our  skins and cases not only hold up under regular and vigorous use, they provide a distinct flair that impresses wherever you go.


Want to learn how we can turn your corporate logo into a lasting mark? Please email or use our contact us link below and select Corporate/Bulk orders. Don't forget to use CORP50 at checkout for a 50% discount on orders of 50-100. Additional discounts may apply for larger orders.


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