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5 Gaming Desk Decor Ideas: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

5 Gaming Desk Decor Ideas: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

       Gaming has come a long way in a short time. There's no longer any need to sit a few feet from your television while sitting on the floor clutching a controller. As such, gaming setups have also evolved, going from a purely living room-based experience to an opportunity for fun in the modern home office.

Key to this evolution? A simple, yet vital piece of furniture: a gaming desk to provide the ultimate level of comfort, flexibility, and organization. Best of all, these desks are highly customizable. Below, we've outlined a few fun ways to make your gaming desk feel true to you.

Slap Some Skin Decals on Your Devices

Let’s face it: most gaming consoles, PC rigs, and accessories lack pizzazz. The one-size-fits-all approach of today's tech giants may appeal to some players — but it's easy to see why so many demand an extra degree of personalization.

When in doubt, custom skins can add instant flair to your gaming gadgets. From pop culture franchises to hometown sports teams, decals help you express yourself while also making your devices stand out. Better yet, they provide an extra degree of protection for vulnerable gaming equipment.

Almost every item in your gaming room can be emblazoned with a custom skin decal. Examples include headsets, ergonomic gaming mice, and even the humble mousepad. Even if your gaming station embraces minimalism, an understated skin or two can really tie the look together.

Level Up Your Ambient Lighting

There’s no reason to sit in a pitch-black room while playing video games, especially when so many impressive ambient lighting options are available. LED strips, RGB lighting, and other light strips can turn the drabbest and dreariest gaming room into an amazing visual space. If you're a DIY enthusiast, go all-out and wrap your gaming chair, headphone stand, monitor stand, and individual cupholders in colorful ambient lighting solutions.

Express Yourself with Wall Art

Minimalism is a common approach for gaming room walls. Sometimes, however, there's value in going beyond neutrals and adding some pops of color. Deck the walls of your workspace with art pieces; wall scrolls, neon signs, and shadow boxes are appealing options. You're also welcome to adorn this space with your favorite movie posters and canvas paintings.

For the ultimate in gaming room personalization, devote one wall to a specific franchise or character. Better yet: choose four favorites and load up each of the four walls with their own killer art.

Use Organizational Accessories For Maximum Productivity

In the heat of a tense gaming moment, you don’t want to fumble for your headset. Worse yet, you risk dropping from the Discord server because your phone is out of battery and the charger is on the other side of the room. These issues must be avoided at all costs.

Meanwhile, shoddy cable management could cause you to unplug your dual monitor setup. As a gaming PC enthusiast, you know just how valuable efficient cable management can be, not only inside your rig but also along the walls and floor around your battle station. Zip ties, magnetic straps, and even rubber bands can go a long way in organizing the cords and cables that plague modern gaming desk setups.

Once the cables are out of sight and out of mind, it’s time to do something about all that computer desk clutter. The gaming experience can’t truly be enjoyed if empty energy drink cans or monitor cleaning wipes are taking up valuable desk space. With ultrawide screens and dual monitors demanding so much real estate on the standard gaming desk, it’s important to maximize the space that is available. After all, the less space that’s being used by monitors, the more there is for cool figurines and other desk decor items.

Bring Life To Your Game Room With Plants

Gaming can be a time-consuming hobby, but it’s important to step away from the action to recharge. A quick walk outside can do wonders, but exposure to indoor plant life should also place you in a more positive mindset. While it may seem like an odd inclusion in your gamer room, this approach actually makes perfect sense: plants add a much-needed element of realism after spending so much time in unreal situations.

Impatiens and poinsettias are two of the most popular houseplants that require daily watering. This daily chore will make it easier to pause those marathon gaming sessions, hop out of your comfy office chair, and show your plants a little love. Otherwise, hardier options are worth trying if you're worried about keeping your plants in solid shape.

The pots in which these plants are housed can also prove highly decorative. You'll find plenty of vibrant options at your local garden center, although you can also try DIY projects to bring a personal touch to your growing plant collection.

As mentioned previously, ambient lighting can quickly bring game-centric style to any room — but unfortunately for plants, additional natural light will be required. That doesn’t mean that your home office is doomed to be splashed in sunlight all the time; simply be mindful of your plants' needs.

Decorate Your Game Room With MightySkins

When it comes to game room decor, there’s really no wrong way to adorn your space. The main priority should involve personal touches that make your game room feel inviting and inspiring. Geek out with high-quality skins for your Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox consoles — and bask in the glow of a gaming room that is a true expression of yourself.

At MightySkins, we're passionate about helping you express yourself — and protect your equipment — with high-quality skins and wraps. We offer solutions for a variety of gaming favorites. These can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your gaming setup. Feel free to get started with our Create Your Own system or check out our vast collection of designs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and the many ways they can be personalized.

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