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Pico Neo 3 Link Review: The Future of Standalone VR Headsets

Pico Neo 3 Link Review: The Future of Standalone VR Headsets

The VR race is taking off. Currently in the lead? Facebook, which has found obvious success with the Meta Quest 2. This is just one of several advanced devices to make it clear: Virtual reality experiences are here to stay.

Among the tech titans currently jockeying for position? Pico Interactive. This promising manufacturer has made waves with the Pico Neo 3 Link — a standalone VR headset with a promising list of features and functions. This device is certainly impressive, but does it do enough to stand out in a suddenly crowded marketplace? Keep reading to learn more about what sets the Pico Neo 3 Link apart from the rest — and what it could improve upon in the future with possibly the new Pico Neo 4 that was recently leaked.


What Is the Pico Neo 3 Link?

Pico Interactive isn’t a big name in the PC VR space, but that's about to change. ByteDance — owners of the immensely popular TikTok app — acquired Pico in 2021 with the hope that it could help the company break into the realm of virtual reality.

With the Pico Neo 3 Link, the company hopes that it can lure players who haven’t already dipped their toes into the VR headset waters. Competition is fierce, with the Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, and Valve Index all holding varying pieces of the VR market share pie.

While some virtual reality headsets require a connection to a powerful PC in order to function, the Pico Neo 3 Link is a standalone device. This convenience makes it a better choice for cash-strapped consumers — or those with limited space for running apps and VR games through SteamVR. The all-in-one nature of the Pico Neo 3 Link makes it a natural rival to the Meta Quest 2 in more ways than one.



From a technical perspective, the Pico Neo 3 Link and the Meta Quest 2 are virtually identical. Both headsets are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor. As such, they are capable of playing graphically intensive games at the included 4K resolution. That may be more of a reality with the Meta Quest 2, however, as the Pico Neo 3 Link appears to be geared more towards businesses using the device for productivity tasks.

With support for SteamVR as well as the wide selection of games from the Pico Store, gamers should find a lot to love about the device. Still, it's worth asking: just how dedicated will Pico be in terms of future gaming support? After all, there is an obvious tilt towards enterprise and business software on this device.

Other Pico Neo 3 Link specs include a variable screen refresh rate between 90 and 120HZ, as well as a 98-degree field of view. Tracking involves four integrated cameras. These allow for 6DoF (depth of field) room-scale tracking. Hand tracking is also included with the device — a must-have in the enterprise VR space.

Another notable advantage of the Pico Neo Link 3? The ability to connect the VR headset to a PC via USB-C and DisplayPort. This allows the device to utilize the processing power of a gaming computer and get even more performance out of the headset. The ability to use the Neo 3 Link as a standalone VR device as well as a connected headset with a DisplayPort cable should certainly benefit consumers.

Wearing the device always feels comfortable, thanks to the double headstrap design. One strap is situated behind the head to ensure a snug fit. Meanwhile, another on top makes sure the VR headset stays in place. The soft fabric insert won’t win any awards for comfort, but it gets the job done.

When compared to the Meta Quest 2, the Pico Neo 3 Link is slightly more cumbersome to wear — but most consumers won’t have a competing VR headset for the sake of comparison. As such, they shouldn’t have any issues with the fit and quality.


Price and Availability

Pico Interactive has made the Neo 3 Link available only in Europe, with a retail price of €449. Consumers in Spain, The Netherlands, France, and Germany can finally try the newest entry in the PC VR space for that amount, with players in the UK shelling out £399.

When these prices were first announced, they were comparable with the Meta Quest 2. Soon after, however, something interesting happened: Meta announced a price increase for the Meta Quest 2, adding an extra £100 for the UK. This news shocked many. After all, PC VR devices — like most tech releases — typically drop in price as they age. The upside? Meta's strange strategy gives Pico the chance to entice buyers who want to enjoy SteamVR but worry about pricing.

For the US market, Pico has an entirely different device available. The Pico Neo 3 Pro features the same powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and 90 HZ refresh rate as the Pico Neo 3 Link. WiFi 6 support is included, along with the ability to pair the device via Bluetooth.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro is available in the US for about $700, but it can’t be purchased at typical brick-and-mortar retailers or even typical online merchants. Instead, purchases must be completed through the Pico website. This makes the buying experience slightly more arduous than it needs to be.

There’s certainly a lot to like about the Pico Neo 3 Link. For a primarily standalone device, it has everything the modern PC VR consumer looks for in a device. While availability may be limited — especially when compared to the Meta Quest 2 — those who can get their hands on a Neo Link 3 will enjoy their experience. 

Lastly, keep a look out for the leaked and highly anticipated Pico Neo 4. News on its new sleek design and specs are creating a lot of buzz. It’s rumored to have a slim headset design that far surpasses the Meta Quest 2, from battery life to pixels per inch (PPI). The future of VR has never looked brighter.


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