Imagine a surgeon without his scalpel or a writer without paper. People must have the tools they need to do their jobs properly. Students are no different. Their job is to learn – so they need to have the proper supplies. As the back-to-school season starts, make sure that these often-forgotten school accessories make it to your shopping list.

Back to School Accessory #1: Locker Organizers

If your locker has the tendency to look less “storage area” and more “portal to Jumanji,” then having a locker organizer is a must. They are an easy way to make sure that books, files, and other locker contents are neatly in place. They come in different materials like plastic or fabric. Merely hang inside your locker to ensure that you can always find what you need.

Back to School Accessory #2: Flash Drive

There are some aspects of school that never change. For example, it is inevitable that a report will need to be printed right before the due date. It is also unavoidable to be part of a group project with different members in their own roles.

Avoid the stress of having to email or download files just to access them. Instead, use a flash drive that will let you transfer and transport data without stress. Even a small capacity drive, like 2GB, can be enough to handle all the assignments given in a year.

Back to School Accessory #3: Portable Power Bank

Staying connected is a must these days. Having your phone is not just about staying in touch with friends. It is a safety tool that can let you make a quick call in case of an emergency.

Stick to a power bank that can fully charge the device you have. A 1500 mAh battery is usually enough to power a mobile phone. If you want to charge a tablet, you can go for a higher capacity. Also, choose one that is small enough to be stashed in a backpack to give the phone some juice whenever it is needed.

Back to School Accessory #4: Bluetooth Headphones

There are times when all a person wants to do is to tune out the rest of the world to concentrate on schoolwork. This is where Bluetooth headphones come in. Block out distractions by playing music while writing down a report. They are also useful while riding the bus home or waiting for varsity practice to start.

Back to School Accessory #5: Smartpen

If the budget permits it, a smartpen is an excellent addition to any back-to-school accessories list. It lets you sync handwritten notes to digital devices, so they can be accessed more easily. It is a more convenient option than a laptop and allows you to record audio – perfect for long lectures.

Back to School Accessory #6: Laptop Skin

Laptop skins are protective coverings for your laptop made from thin vinyl or rubber. They prevent scratches and even damage from water. These skins come in different designs for nearly all contemporary laptop models, so it is easy to find the right one. Whether cute or edgy, there is a laptop skin that will make learning a little more fun.

Don’t just start the school right, make sure it ends well too. Make sure your laptop is intact the whole year by protecting. Find out more about 25% discounts for students and teachers and order yours from us today.