Best MightySkins designs to match your gaming devices (Xbox One and PS4)

There is a harsh competition between these two game consoles that want to gain more and more followers. In choosing the right device, people look after many features, and even if it wouldn't seem too important, the design may be an essential factor. People tend to overlook some differences and focus on this aspect. In the process of choosing the best console, many seem to choose according to the majority of their friends, or maybe the price. However you choose to decide, MightySkins has a skin that will fit your interests. It seems that both producers preferred to keep it simple and they have both chosen to keep the classic black (even though Microsoft created white for their employees ONLY). This doesn't mean that the users have to conform, you can choose from a wide variety of skins that come in a ton of colors and designs.

When it comes to games, you can choose from a wide variety of Xbox one colors and styles, we even have skins to match perfectly with your favorite games. Here are a few we think will be a great match for any gamer:

  • Basketball - Whether your an Xbox or PlayStation user, if you love basketball you'll be happy to know you can purchase our basketball skin that looks even better than the graphics of the new NBA 2K14 game.

  • Soccer - We've got our FIFA 14 fans covered with the soccer skin design. You can have your entire console or controller looking so much like a soccer ball you might mistake it for the real thing!

  • Football - Whether your throwing the ol' pigskin around in the backyard, or rushing the quarterback in Madden 25, MightySkins has a football skin style that will make your gaming device look even better.

  • Stars and stripes - Do you really need a reason to fly our flag? 'MERICA!

  • Shooters - Stay hidden in battle with our tree camo or desert camo skin styles. Just be mindful of where you set your controllers down, they tend to blend in a little TOO well.

  • Solid colors - No matter what your favorite color is, MightySkins has tons of solid colored skins to drench your favorite console or controller in.