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10 Best Ways to Customize Your Pistol: Must-Have Glock Mods

10 Best Ways to Customize Your Pistol: Must-Have Glock Mods

You've invested in a Glock and are proud to join the vast community of firearm owners and users. Your pistol is a wonderful specimen out of the box, but its appeal lies, to some extent, in the ease with which it can be modified. Whether your goal is purely aesthetic (adding bling, for example) or more functional (such as a better grip with stippling), there is something to be said for upgrading your firearm.

DIY pistol modifications are surprisingly accessible these days. Some require tutorials or insight from a gunsmith, while others can be implemented all on your own. First, however, you might need a little inspiration regarding gun parts, accessories, and more. To that end, we've highlighted ten of the best options for customizing your pistol:

1. Hard Coatings

Coatings are among the most sought-after pistol upgrades. These instantly change the appearance of any firearm while also adding a significant degree of protection. You don’t need a completely new product to breathe life into your Glock; hard coatings will often do the trick. Cerakote is a preferred solution for many, but several other excellent options are also available.

2. Gun Wraps

Providing instant personalization and an extra degree of protection from regular wear and tear, gun wraps are by far the easiest upgrades to implement. Available in matte, carbon fiber, or glossy glitter finishes, these wraps appeal to every type of aesthetic. After all, while Glocks are mainly designed for functionality, they remain an accessory — and there's nothing wrong with improving upon their aesthetic.

Vinyl skins are not coatings and should never be confused with their rubber, gel, or silicone counterparts. Still, they provide valuable protection against dings and scratches. What's more, they are easy to remove. Simply peel off when you're ready to trade in your existing wrap for a new look.

3. Grips

Aftermarket grip upgrades make Glocks that much more reliable. Remember: it doesn't matter how impressive these pistols appear if your grip isn't up to par. Thankfully, most grip upgrades are incredibly easy to install. Some are equipped with cleaning kits or other helpful features. Durability is a big deal, so always opt for a grip that will stand the test of time.

4. Magazine Extensions

Today's standard capacity magazines deliver far more rounds than those provided for past models — but some users desire even more. Hence, the appeal of magazine extensions. These add extra rounds without supplying too much bulk. Brands should be researched carefully, however, as the wrong mag extension could make otherwise excellent pistols less reliable. Don't forget upgraded springs, which provide an additional boost.

5. Sight Mods

Standard factory sights may be adequate, but modifications can improve their functionality for low-light settings or other special situations. Fiber optic and tritium sight mods are common, but many types of sights can have a huge impact on how Glocks function. Choose carefully, and such embellishments could have a huge impact on accuracy in all types of conditions.

6. Suppressors

Also referred to as silencers or sound moderators, pistol suppressors impact the pressure and speed of propellant gas from muzzles, thereby limiting the acoustic intensity.

With suppressors added to the mix, decibel levels are by no means silenced (despite the common use of the term "silencer") — but they are made far safer for human ears. Other benefits include reduced muzzle flash and recoil.

Suppressors often require extensive paperwork to obtain, but many Glock enthusiasts would argue that they are well worth the additional effort. Keep in mind, however, that the crack of the bullet will remain even after a suppressor is implemented.

7. Tactical Lights

There's no need to carry handheld flashlights when tactical light upgrades are available. Providing much-needed assistance in low-light situations, these upgrades are essential for anyone who intends to use the Glock for self-defense purposes.

Easily mounted, these lights illuminate targets while providing better control and improved accuracy. A wide range of tactical lighting solutions are available, including many that can be powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

8. TiN Barrels

Titanium nitride (TiN) brings exceptional durability to a variety of firearms. This uniquely hard surface coating is shockingly thin — but it's still capable of protecting pistols against everything from corrosion to general wear and tear.

Smooth semi-gloss and polished finishes are available, granting each TiN barrel coating a sleek and customized look. These coatings are offered for most makes and models, with a wide array of parts capable of being coated.

9. Trigger Upgrades

Many upgrades make it possible to improve on the Glock's trigger. The desire for such upgrades is clear to anyone familiar with this pistol; its stock triggers are often described as feeling "gritty."

While some users are perfectly happy to improve functionality simply by shooting their Glocks more often, extra rounds are not the preferred solution in all situations. Many people would rather. take advantage of the Glock's ease of upgrading and go beyond stock triggers. Options abound, with upgrades from Apex, ZEV, and Lightning Strike proving among the most popular.

10. Slide Mods

An aftermarket slide can quickly amp up pistol performance. Front serrations and window cuts are among the most popular of the available slide mods, as these can add character while also delivering good grip. Aftermarket slides come with many finishes and are also available with beveled edges. When in doubt, lighter slides are preferable.

Customize Your Glock With MightySkins

There’s nothing quite like owning custom guns, as you’ll quickly discover once you’ve made the most of the upgrades highlighted above.

Ready to upgrade your handgun? While many of the options highlighted above can make your custom Glock safer and more enjoyable to use, your easiest and most accessible option involves applying a gun wrap from MightySkins.

We offer a range of compelling options. Our durable automotive-grade vinyl will provide the protection you need for top Glock pistols.

Don’t settle for factory settings when your Glock can easily be brought to the next level. Get started today or contact us to learn how our skins and wraps can play into your Glock mod effort.

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