Can You Buy A Blood Glucose Monitor Over the Counter?

Do you or a family member have diabetes? If you answered yes, then you will most likely need to purchase an over the counter blood glucose test. This test is used to measure the amount of glucose (which is commonly known as sugar) in your blood. It is important to note that the amount of glucose can vary, especially due to medications, stress, food, exercise, and type of diabetes. With this in mind, a blood glucose monitor can help you to more effectively manage your diabetes by taking accurate readings, storing this information, and recording trends.

How To Choose The Right Over The Counter Blood Glucose Test

Today, there are many types of over the counter glucose meters available for purchase. Choosing the right type of meter is made easier when you know how they work at their most basic level. For most blood glucose meters, you will need to do the following:

  1. Find the designated slot on the device, and insert the test strip.
  2. Wash and dry your finger, then use a special type of needle called a “lancet” to prick your finger.
  3. Transfer the drop of blood from your finger onto the test strip, which will cause the blood glucose reading to appear on the screen.

Be sure to keep a careful record of your blood glucose readings and always contact your doctor or healthcare provider if your readings are not within the appropriate range.

There are several factors that you should consider before you purchase an over the counter blood glucose test. From insurance coverage to the potential for a free glucose meter, the following list can help you to choose the right glucose test for your specific needs.

  • Insurance Coverage - Did you know that some insurance providers will pay for your over the counter blood glucose meter? Before you purchase your new monitor, it is a good idea to check with your insurance provider regarding coverage details. Keep in mind that some providers will pay for the new monitor but limit the total number of test strips that are covered.
  • Cost - Each over the counter blood sugar test kit will vary in price. It is important that you consider both the price of the kit, as well as the cost of the test strips. Additionally, you should know how many test strips you will be using on a daily basis so that you can more accurately determine their cost month over month.
  • Maintenance and Usability - Like any medical device, some blood glucose monitors are easier to use than others. Reading reviews can help you to determine which device is right for you. For example, do the reviews state that the test strips are comfortable? Do other reviews note that the numbers on the display screen are easy to read? You will want to also examine how easy it is to place the blood onto the test strip. Finally, be on the lookout for any common maintenance issues that occur with each device. In other words, you want to ensure that your selected monitoring device will last for a long period of time without constantly breaking.
  • Information Storage and Retrieval - Each device will store and retrieve information differently. Some devices will track everything, which means that you don't need to keep a paper log. However, it is important to examine whether the device will track the time and date of the test, as well as the results and potential trends in your blood glucose levels. Once again, product reviews will help you to best determine which devices are most accurate, easiest to use, and can successfully download your blood glucose reading onto a laptop or mobile device. Keep in mind, that it is far easier to download information and email it to your doctor than it is to keep a handwritten log that must be delivered to your doctor.
  • Special Features - As you begin researching which over the counter glucose test is right for you, make sure that you ask about special features. The importance of these special features will depend entirely on your unique medical and personal needs. For example, an illuminated screen and audio aids might be beneficial. Other special features could include easy to use buttons and large test strips.
  • Customer Support - Did you know that many over the counter blood glucose monitors also come with customer support features? In fact, many monitor manufacturers have a toll-free number, email, or online support agent that you can contact for help with your new device. As part of their customer support services, some manufacturers also have guidebooks and video tutorials to ensure that you are correctly using your new blood glucose monitor.

Once you have examined the above factors, you will be ready to choose the right blood glucose meter for your specific needs. However, if you still have questions or are unsure about what meter to buy, then you should contact your doctor, healthcare provider, or a diabetes educator for their trusted recommendation.

Where To Buy A Glucose Meter?

Did you know that today's blood glucose meters are significantly faster, more accurate, smaller, and easier to use than the older models? According to the latest Consumer Report, a blood glucose monitor ranges in price from $15 to $30. The good news is that knowing where to buy a blood glucose meter has never been easier. In fact, an over the counter blood sugar test kit, also known as an over the counter glucose test, can be purchased at a wide variety of pharmacies and online retailers.

A few of the most popular locations include: CVS, Abbott, Walgreens, Amazon, and Accu-Check. You can also speak with your doctor or healthcare provider to see if you qualify for a free glucose meter.

Can You Buy Glucose Test Strips Over The Counter?

As part of your glucose meter, you will need to also purchase glucose test strips. These test strips can range in cost from $0.15 to $1.50 per strip. The large range in price discrepancy is due to a) the type of test strip being purchased and b) the quantity being purchased. It is important to note that some insurance providers will cover the costs of the strips. Once again, you should also speak with your doctor and health insurance company before you purchase an over the counter glucose test and test strips.

Customize Your Blood Sugar Test Kit

Did you know that you can customize your blood sugar test kit? Say goodbye to accidentally misplacing your blood glucose monitor, especially if you have more than one monitor in your home, and instead use a medical device skin to add a little flare. The medical device skin is especially helpful for children who might be scared to use their glucose blood monitor. You can lower children's fear of medical devices by choosing from our selection of fun patterns and bright colors.

To learn about customizing your blood glucose monitor, simply visit our medical device gallery to view skins by device type and brand.