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Best Christmas Gifts for College Students This Holiday Season

Best Christmas Gifts for College Students This Holiday Season

Best Christmas Gifts for College Students This Holiday Season

College students eagerly anticipate the holiday season, when they can make treasured memories while reconnecting with friends and family members. They're also relieved to take a well-earned break after enduring rigorous exams.

Beyond this, there's no denying the material appeal of the holidays, when parents, grandparents, and other special people are all too happy to treat the students in their lives with great gifts.

Unfortunately, college students can be tricky giftees. Their expectations are high, and their tastes are constantly changing. College dorm room visits and social media analysis can provide some insight, but you'd be forgiven for falling short.

To cut through the confusion, we've highlighted the best gifts and stocking stuffers that the college student in your life will appreciate:


Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

Today's college students are always connected — and they're always on the go. Portable chargers keep their devices fully juiced, so they never need to worry about running out of power. The Anker PowerCore is incredibly versatile, so it's a foolproof option even if you don't know which phone or laptop your college giftee currently uses.


Amazon Prime Student

Nothing boosts student convenience quite like an Amazon Prime membership. This has many compelling perks, such as textbook rentals and music streaming. Prime gift memberships are available for three months or a full year. Existing members can convert these gift memberships into gift cards.


Apple MacBook

Laptops are part and parcel of the modern college experience, but few live up to the Apple MacBook. Portable, yet powerful, this go-to device is a constant source of both productivity and comfort for young adults. From studying to browsing and even applying for jobs, the Apple MacBook is a reliable tool for all aspects of student life. Check out our Apple MacBook skins!


Apple AirPods

Whether they're working out or studying, college kids always want to listen to their favorite tunes. Standard earbuds are no longer good enough for these discerning listeners; they strongly prefer the versatility and convenience of their beloved AirPods. Genuinely wireless, these provide a rich audio experience and can drown out excess noise even in the busiest college environments. Make sure to protect those new AirPods with MighytSkins.


Apple iPhone

Both a source of connection and status, the iPhone remains the hottest device for college students and young professionals. This smartphone is undeniably stylish, but that's certainly not where the appeal ends. It can also be a highly educational tool, particularly if users make the most of organizational or study solutions from the App Store.


Best Buy Gift Card

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your favorite tech enthusiast? Gift cards may feel impersonal, but they are definitely worthwhile for picky college students who are difficult to please. Recipients will be thrilled to go shopping on their own for devices that they actually need.


DEKOPRO 128 Piece Tool Set

College is the perfect time to master basic household tasks — especially when living in an apartment or renting a house with roommates. This comprehensive set from DEKOPRO includes all the essentials: hammers, wrenches, pliers, and drive sockets.


Echo Dot

When they're not using AirPods, college students love to blast their favorite tunes with high-quality speakers. The Echo Dot is a wonderful option for Alexa enthusiasts. Its sleek design works well in small dorms, while tech-forward features help students optimize a variety of everyday tasks. Did we mention we make skins for the Echo Dot too?


FUJIFILM Instax Mini

Yes, the smartphone has taken over, but that doesn't mean that college students have abandoned the traditional camera experience altogether. Available in a rainbow of distinctive colors, this cute little camera is perfect for selfies, close-up macro photos, and many other snapshots.


Gonex Canvas Duffel Bag

Weekend trips home or adventures away from campus become easier to prepare for when students have access to multifunctional duffels. Featuring numerous compartments, this canvas number from Gonex stores all kinds of necessities: clothes, shoes, laptops, and more.


Hydro Flask

Give the gift of hydration with a trendy water bottle that today's teens and twenty-somethings adore. This iconic brand sells not only high-end water bottles, but also, tumblers, food jars, and even lunch boxes. Just don’t forget to grab a custom skin for your Hydro Flask!


iDesign Orbz Bathroom Shower Tote

Life in the dorms can be exciting, but the cliche of the dorm shower exists for a reason: this is definitely not a pleasant pursuit. A simple shower caddy can make a world of difference, delivering ample storage for essential toiletries, plus a targeted design that allows water to drain.


Keurig K-Mini

Today's hardworking college students aren't willing to settle for just any form of caffeine. Keep them alert with help from the Keurig K-Mini, which fits wonderfully within a dorm room environment. Add a few K-cups to the mix to give them a head start on their caffeine journey.


JBL Speaker

Another great option for blasting songs on the go, JBL is a trusted brand that should appeal to most college students. Available at a variety of price points, these all-purpose speakers are durable and, in most cases, boast excellent battery life.


Dalattin LED Strip Lights

Dorm room lighting leaves much to be desired, but college students can easily enhance drab living spaces with help from strip lights. Dalattin’s multi-colored LED lights make dorms a lot more vibrant, while strong 3M adhesive ensures that they're easy to set up.


Insignia Mini Fridge

The mini fridge has been a dorm room essential for decades, but it's come a long way in the last few years. Insignia sells several chic models, including both vintage and contemporary designs. Affordable and highly practical, these fridges fit nicely within cramped spaces.


MightySkins Gift Card

We've highlighted several in-demand devices in this guide, but these also deserve protection. This is available with MightySkins products, which also encourage users to personalize their smartphones, laptops, and other essentials.

Our skins and wraps can also adorn tumblers, gaming consoles, and a variety of other items. MightySkins gift cards allow recipients to protect their preferred devices while also encouraging them to get creative.


Nordstrom Gift Card

College students will love gift cards from any major retailer, but there's no denying the appeal of Nordstrom. From athleisure to interview-worthy outfits, this gift card will help students purchase stylish items that might otherwise be out of their budget.


Sephora Skincare Essentials Kit

Skincare needs can change dramatically during the transition from teen to twentysomething. Often, however, students struggle to afford high-end skincare products. Lend a helping hand with an amazing array of products that promote self-care.


Target Plastic Dinnerware Set

Not all college meals are served in the cafeteria. Students often forget this, however, and may neglect to invest in practical dinnerware for eating in their dorms. This dishware will become even more important after transitioning to a college apartment.


Create a Care Package

Take gift-giving to the next level with a comprehensive care package. This should include important items that students might neglect to purchase for themselves. Thoughtful gift ideas include:

  • Ibuprofen
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Chapstick
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Phone chargers

Don't forget to add skins or wraps to protect students’ valuables. Instead of traditional wrapping, present all this in a laundry basket or other container that's actually useful to college students.

Surprise Your Favorite College Student With Gifts from MightySkins

Show you care with a meaningful Christmas gift that genuinely helps the college student in your life. MightySkins offers many excellent options, capable of protecting college students' most prized possessions. Start creating a stylish skin or wrap today!
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