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What We Know About the Rumored Samsung Galaxy S23 So Far

What We Know About the Rumored Samsung Galaxy S23 So Far

    February is fast approaching. With it comes yet another batch of Samsung Galaxy phone rumors. Apple fans know to expect the latest iPhone in September, but Android aficionados devoted to Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy devices know that early February is the time for them. While nothing official has been announced by Samsung, it’s fair to speculate on several aspects of these new Galaxy phones. After all, leaks and prior track records provide plenty of clues as to what consumers can expect.

Release Date

Late January and early February are typically quite kind to Samsung Galaxy users. January 2021 saw the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 —and just over a year later, the Samsung Galaxy S22 made its debut in February 2022. Samsung’s flagship phone for next year is rumored to be officially announced in the first week of February and find its way to store shelves in the middle of the month.


It’s become common for flagship phones like the iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy to launch with several models available. Expect at least three different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S23, including a base model as well as Plus and Ultra editions. Samsung phones have become incredibly popular due to the Korean smartphone giant’s consistent product lineup. Every February, tech enthusiasts can expect to find new versions of their favorite devices on store shelves, with the familiar S-series names they’ve learned to love.


The latest Galaxy phones always feature bleeding-edge hardware. The Galaxy S23 will be no exception. Qualcomm’s latest CPU — the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 — is poised to power the newest generation of Galaxy smartphones. There’s a lot to appreciate about this chipset, which will boost everything from a great camera sensor and battery life to wireless charging abilities.

Earlier rumors suggested that later variations of the Galaxy S23 could feature Samsung’s own Exynos 2300 mobile processor, but it’s looking unlikely at this point. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is poised to be another in a long line of rock-solid CPUs powering Samsung’s flagship phones.

Screen size is a major factor when consumers weigh their smartphone options. Last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra featured a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen, so fans can expect something similar, if not slightly larger from the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 6.6 and 6.1-inch screens should make their return for the S23 Plus and S23 models, respectively, allowing these devices to compare favorably against Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Plus offerings. Of course, fantastic 120Hz refresh rates on all three phones will make every screen look gorgeous.


On the design front, leaker Ice Universe on Twitter has revealed that the bezels on the S23 lineup will be slightly thicker than those found on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its siblings. This revelation raised a lot of eyebrows, as smartphones typically trim millimeters from their bezels with each new launch. Another leak — this time from tipster Steve “Onleaks” Hemmerstoffer — revealed mock-ups of each new device, with the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus looking a bit different than last year’s S22 iterations.

Regardless of these minute differences, nothing too splashy will be changed in terms of the design on any of the three phones. Consumers who crave something completely different should look to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which will provide a new way to look at and interact with their devices.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to improve upon the ultrawide, front-facing, and main cameras already found in today’s top smartphones. That isn’t stopping Samsung from trying, with a rumored 200 MP camera sensor inbound for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The latest speculations suggest that the S23 Ultra camera will also utilize isocell HP2 technology to give image stabilization a boost. A camera upgrade is to be expected with any phone upgrade — and it’s nice to see Samsung putting forth a solid effort when it comes to improving on the telephoto camera and rear camera specs as well.


What good is the latest and greatest in Android phones if the battery life is dreadful on each handset? Samsung has always shipped phones with sensational batteries. Even older devices like the S21 Ultra feature dependable batteries that hold up over time.

As with most of these as-of-yet-unknown technical specs, it’s important to look to the past to get a glimpse of the future. The Galaxy S22 Ultra included a 5000 mAh battery with 45W Super Fast charging, so it’s safe to say the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature similar specs. Wireless charging will be a standard feature in all three S23 models. The battery capacity of the S23 line is speculated to be between 4000 mAh and 5000 mAh.


Despite global inflation that’s gripped every sector of the consumer electronics market, the Galaxy S23 lineup should launch at a price range that won’t give shoppers instant sticker shock. The entry-level version of the Galaxy S22 will almost certainly debut at a $799 price point, consistent with previous Galaxy product launches.

As for the Galaxy S23 Plus? It’s safe to assume a $999 asking price, giving it a slight pricing advantage over Google’s Pixel 7 Pro. Hardcore handset enthusiasts should expect to pay upwards of $1199 for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, making it even more expensive than Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max.

With all of the speculation out of the way, there’s only one thing to do now: wait. Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event is rumored to kickoff in the first week of February, and it will feature the latest news and the official unveiling of the Galaxy S23 lineup.


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