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Buy 1 & get 1 50% off with code BOGO5022
Why Business Drone Skins Are Must-Haves for Owners & Operators

Why Business Drone Skins Are Must-Haves for Owners & Operators

Drones are an increasingly vital part of everyday business operations. This is a surprising new reality in many industries. Their reach expands every day.

From real estate photography to insurance claim processing and even warehouse automation, RC drones provide many benefits. Chief among these? They can boost productivity and security while also reducing labor costs.

A variety of excellent devices are available for business purposes these days, including the DJI Mavic Pro, the DJI Mavic Mini, the DJI Mavic Air 2, and more.

If there's a downside to drones, it's that they can be vulnerable to damage. Exposure to the elements leaves them at risk of degradation. Even minor scratches can lead to big trouble down the road. Unfortunately, given how far they travel, these devices can be difficult to protect.

Skins, stickers, or wraps provide an excellent first line of defense for modern drones. Not only do these offer a much-needed layer of protection, but they can also easily be customized for branding purposes.

In this guide, we'll touch on the many benefits that custom drone skins provide. We will also highlight the value of partnering with MightySkins. You'll come away knowing why MightySkins are key to properly protecting your business drones.


Custom Drone Skins Work

It can be surprisingly easy for drone pilots to lose track of their devices. Even cutting-edge models such as the DJI FPV Combo or the DJI Spark can be vulnerable. Hence, the need for eye-catching skins, which, make it easier to spot your drones from afar.

Skins and decals limit the chances of accidentally losing expensive devices. In the event that drones are lost, key information can be displayed on the skins. This increases the odds of them being promptly returned.

In addition to preventing losses, custom drone decals provide long-term protection from scratches and other common types of damage. Constructed from high-quality, automotive-grade vinyl, these PVC skins help drones continue to look and function like new.

After years of use, you'll be impressed by how pristine your DJI Mavic 2 or DJI Mini 2 continues to look — and how well it holds up to general wear and tear.


Practicality Meets Style

Form and function are equally important when designing business drone skins. There's no denying that these accessories are practical. They provide an affordable and effective means of protecting your prized drones.

Our business drone skins are precisely cut to maintain access to controls — and to prevent performance issues. They're also surprisingly easy to apply and remove.

These practical qualities are important, but they need not come at the expense of aesthetics. After all, drone skins can provide a powerful branding opportunity. No matter your industry or how you use your drones, they can make a positive impression. All it takes? High-quality accessories that give them an upscale look.

With MightySkin's customization options, you can create a drone skin that looks both professional and attractive. We offer numerous finishes that you'll find appealing. We also make it easy to add logos or other images at your discretion.

As you personalize your skins, emphasize styles that reflect your brand but also stand out. A world of options awaits.

Eventually, you may need to remove MightySkins from your drones. At this point, you can take confidence in knowing that they'll come off easy — and without leaving any sticky residue behind.

This is a nice option for rebranding efforts. Simply order a new skin that reflects your updated look and swap out these covers. There's no need to worry about damaging the drone.


How to Make Custom Drone Skins

If you love DIY, customizing your drone skins can be exciting. The process depends on whether you need just one or two drones — or several.

If your drone needs are modest, stop by the Create Your Own page on the MightySkins website. There, you'll find a variety of product categories.

Visit the Other Skins page, which displays not only drone skins, but also, options for drone accessories such as tablets, VR, and more.

Once you arrive at the drone category page, you'll see several types of drones and mini drones, such as:

  • Fat Shark Dominator V3
  • Parrot Mambo
  • Parrot Bebop 2
  • Mavic Air
  • Mavic Mini
  • Phantom 4
  • 3DR Solo Quadcopter

We also offer custom drone decals for headsets, such as the Yuneec SkyView. Furthermore, you'll find options for solid-state drives like the Samsung T5 Portable SSD.

Select your preferred device, as well as your favorite finish: matte, carbon fiber, or glossy glitter.

Next, the fun part: customizing your drone or headset skin.

This is simple: upload images or select one from our collection. For commercial branding purposes, it's generally best to opt for images that feel true to your business. You can also add text if you desire.

Be sure to preview your design thoroughly before checkout. You don't want to discover that the end product looks different than what you originally envisioned.

Would you like to order a large number of drone skins? Not a problem. Email us directly at We'll be happy to walk you through the custom ordering process.


Partner With MightySkins

If you rely on drones for business functions, it's high time you protect your technological investment. Your best bet? High-quality drone stickers or skins.

You can count on MightySkins to give your drones both the protection and the style you desire. We offer skins for a variety of today's top brands — and we're happy to accommodate your unique needs.

MightySkins provides both excellent skins and customer service. We're happy to accommodate large orders, which help you save more per skin.

Once you've acquired your preferred skins, inventory management can be a breeze. Make the most of the QR codes and bar codes that we provide. With these solutions, you'll find it easier to keep tabs on your drones.

Ready to get started? It doesn't matter if you need skins for drones, iPads, or iPhones. You can depend on MightySkins to provide the quality and style you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our custom options for drones. We'd also love to clue you in on our other business branding opportunities.
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