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How Custom School Laptop Skins Benefit Students & School Districts

How Custom School Laptop Skins Benefit Students & School Districts

School-aged kids are notorious for looking for ways to showcase their individuality and uniqueness. It wasn't too long ago that students would cover their textbooks in brown paper bags so they could add stickers, glitter, glitz, and glamour in ways that lent themselves to true self-expression. Of course, today, those hardback textbooks have largely been traded in for school laptops and iPads.

But just because the channels through which students learn have changed, it doesn't mean the need for individuals' personalities to shine through is any different than it's been for generations. If you've read any articles about personalizing school-issued laptops, you're probably aware that this is a hot issue with today's students. From preschool to high school and everything in between, laptop stickers and school laptop skins offer learners the ability to customize the technology they tote around with them everywhere. Plus, custom skins for laptops come with an assortment of other benefits, too.

Why Schools Should Buy Laptop Skins for Students

If you're a school administrator, you're probably always on the lookout for ways to build school spirit and unite your student body as one unified community. Naturally, merchandise that sports your school's logo and mascot is a great way to encourage students to display their love of your school environment, but that doesn't mean you have to stick solely to t-shirts and hoodies. There are plenty of ways to facilitate school spirit, and custom skins for school laptops are one awesome option you should certainly consider. Why? Let's take a look!

Inexpensive Makeovers for Student Laptops

Laptop wraps offer an affordable, personalized option for your entire student body. Each wrap works with Apple's MacBook's, Microsoft computers such as Dell, and even Chromebook laptops. When purchased in bulk, removable laptop skins bolster school spirit without requiring a huge price tag attached to it.

Incredibly Easy to Apply and Remove

Do laptop computer skin covers damage laptops? Absolutely not! In fact, they're incredibly easy to apply, and they can be removed just as simply. This means your students are free to express themselves in different ways, depending on their moods. Maybe they start their back-to-school feeling with a black-and-white laptop wrap and switch to a teal or rose gold vinyl decal a few weeks later. Of course, solid colors aren't the only option; there's an entire world of pop art, gamer stickers, pretty pastel watercolor designs, and wraps that match whatever fads are trending at the moment.

Since they're easy to apply and remove, your students can change their minds on a whim without worry.

Preserves Learning Technology for Future Students

School laptops are never intended to be used for just one student then tossed in the trash; they should last for years, helping several students get a great education through the best and brightest tools available. Naturally, laptops do take a beating throughout the school year, though, and unfortunate accidents can happen. When you checkout a bulk order of removable school laptop skins, though, you're giving your laptops a better chance of withstanding the damage that can occur as your students lug them from one place to the next.

The material used for school laptop skins/decals helps protect your investment so future students will have access to school laptops, too.

Showcases School Spirit

As we mentioned, school spirit is important if you want your students to act and feel like they're part of a united community. You can brand laptops with school logos so people everywhere will see where your student goes to school. School laptop decals promote school pride and help students feel like they're part of their school's community.

Highly Customizable

There are so many ways your students can showcase their true selves, and since student laptop skins are highly customizable, you can add specific grade or classroom information so your students' laptops are specifically designed to reflect exactly who they are and where they're at in school.

Added Savings with Bulk Purchases

As with many things in life, it's a great idea to consider making bulk purchases of your schools' student laptop skins. If you look for partnership opportunities with skin companies, you can buy in bulk and save even more money than you otherwise would if you didn't have a bulk deal.

Student Laptop Skins for Individuals

What if your school doesn't provide laptop skins, but you still want to show your device's personality? You don't have to be a school administrator to get great laptop skins! Personalizing student laptops is easier than ever with today's laptop skin options.

Vinyl sticker wraps are a great option for individuals, too, because they're:

  • Very inexpensive for students
  • Able to protect school property in a stylish way
  • As easy to apply and remove as a simple sticker
  • Highly customizable
  • Great for middle school, high school, and college students

You can pick a character from your favorite tv show or make your own design while you flex your creative muscles. The possibilities really are endless, and once you discover how easy laptop wraps are to use, you'll be hooked! Before you know it, you'll be switching your wraps all the time to let your friends know what you're into!

Are Laptop Skins Good?

You bet they are! Since they're easily removable and replaceable, they're ideal for students. They're made with automotive-grade vinyl that's durable and helps prevent scratches and other small damages from occurring. And since they're highly customizable and low cost, they keep laptops looking new without a lot of effort or money.

Other Skin Accessory Ideas for Students

Your students' laptops aren't the only things that can use a little customization and personalization. MightySkins' vinyl decals are also great for:

Get Your Laptop Skins Today!

If you're ready to sport your style on your laptop, head over to MightySkins and shop skins and wraps today! Create your own if you're feeling crafty, and don't forget to ask about our school discount!
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