Hoverboards are undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to get around, and now with custom vinyl skin wraps for your hoverboard, riding can be an expression of your creativity. Applying a vinyl skin to your hoverboard is an easy and exciting way to bring new life to your device and show off your creative side. Placing distinctive vinyl skins on your hoverboard takes only minutes and requires no special tools.

Getting Started

The first step in applying a vinyl skin to your hoverboard is making sure to order a skin that fits your device correctly. Industry leader MightySkins has a large variety of custom-fitted vinyl skins for virtually every make and model of hoverboard on the market today. You can upload your image for a unique appearance, or select from favorite designs like camo, solid colors, galaxy graphics, and other fun patterns.

After unpackaging your new vinyl skin, you’ll want to clean your hoverboard to remove any debris, dirt and other substances that could cause a ripple or bubble in the wrapping. Just clean the device with an alcohol-based cleaning wipe, or a lightly-soapy, damp microfiber cloth while the device is unplugged. Pay particular attention to the wheel well area, as dirt tends to accumulate here from outdoor use. Dry the board entirely after you clean it.

Identifying Skin Locations

Depending on your model of hoverboard there will be one or more sheets containing individual vinyl skins to be placed on your hoverboard accordingly. Identify each area where the skin is to be set, paying attention to the orientation and size of the placements.

Start by applying the largest, centered vinyl sheet on the top of your board. Begin at one end of the vinyl and gently lay the skin in place. With your fingertip smooth the sheet out from end to end eliminating any air bubbles or wrinkles in the materials.

The sides of your hoverboard will likely have matching skins to lines up squarely with the middle pieces. There is most likely another set within your pack to cover the wheel guards and outer-facing surfaces of the board. Several models may also have smaller triangular pieces to fill corners and tighter spots on the device, easily identified by their shape and size.

Removing Air Bubbles & Wrinkles

Locate and place the remaining vinyl skins using the same process. To further eliminate micro air bubbles and wrinkles you can use a vinyl applicator tool or similar object with a flat edge such as a credit card. Firmly smooth out any remaining blemishes by pulling the applicator tool or card over the surface of each skin piece.

Wipe your vinyl skin gently down with a dry cloth while inspecting for any bubbles or misaligned items. If you’ve accidentally misaligned part of the skin don’t worry, it can simply be lifted from the corner end using a fingernail or fine-edged card and placed back onto the device.