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How to Brand VR Headsets Purchased for Business with Skins

How to Brand VR Headsets Purchased for Business with Skins

Virtual reality headsets provide a world of possibility for today's business leaders. A valuable marketing tool, they can be used for a variety of campaigns. This impressive technology shows all kinds of products and services in their best light.

Nothing quite gets clients excited like an immersive experience. This brings a daydream quality to the real world, bringing a new perspective to business offerings. High-resolution images get new customers excited while also keeping loyal consumers engaged.

From real estate to retail and even the automotive sector, there's no denying the versatility of the modern VR experience. This technology's role in the business world is expected to expand greatly in years to come. For now, however, your business can gain a valuable edge on the competition by integrating virtual or augmented reality into everyday operations.

The return on investment for VR can be exceptional, but only if headsets are cared for properly. These devices are notoriously expensive, so replacements are not an option. Scratches look unprofessional but can be difficult to avoid.

The solution? Skins and wraps for VR technology.

Offering a valuable layer of protection and unique branding opportunities, these accessories protect the most cutting-edge VR systems. They are a natural fit for favorites from Oculus and HTC. Many VR gamers already rely on skins and wraps, but they’re even more valuable from a business perspective.

Keep reading to learn what VR headset skins are and why they're so helpful. You'll come away understanding the vital role MightySkins play in protecting your business VR headsets.


Make the Most of VR Headset Skins

VR headsets can make a huge impression on clients, so it's extra important for them to look pristine. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to wear and tear β€” especially from careless clients who might not be all that concerned if they're scratched.

Skins account for this by providing an extra layer of protection. Available for many types of headsets, these make an otherwise vulnerable piece of equipment less prone to damage. They're affordable and easy to apply β€” what's not to love?

Now that low-cost options such as Google Cardboard are firmly in the past, cost-effective skins and wraps cannot be skipped. These make VR marketing accessible to even the most cash-strapped businesses.

There's more to headset skins than surface-level protection. They also provide powerful branding opportunities. Customized skins, for example, help you show off your company's name and logo. Equipped with these details, your headsets are less likely to be lost or stolen. They're even safer if you integrate inventory management solutions.



Practicality Meets Style

The ideal VR headset accessories span the divide between practical and stylish. They should fit your company's aesthetic and bring a flawless appearance to your devices β€” but they also need to hold up to heavy use.

Affordable yet effective, MightySkins bring serious style to today's already impressive VR headsets. That being said, their aesthetic benefits don't come at the cost of durability. These accessories can take some serious abuse from clients and customers. They're constructed from automotive-grade vinyl, so they hold up to everyday wear and tear.

Perhaps you're most interested in giving your headsets a stylish look. Get ready to be impressed. If ordered through MightySkins, VR headset wraps are available in three main finishes: matte, glossy glitter, and carbon fiber.

Personalization opportunities don't end there. Color, pattern, and logo options abound. What better way to show off your brand in its best light?

Easy application makes headset wraps even more compelling. If desired, these can be removed in mere seconds β€” and without leaving a sticky residue behind. Should rebranding eventually force you to swap decals, you'll find it easy to remove the originals. From there, you can replace them with updated accessories.



How to Make VR Headset Skins

Ordering and customizing VR headsets is a cinch when you work with our helpful team at MightySkins.

Only need to order a few wraps for your VR headsets? You can easily get the job done with our website tool. This brings a streamlined approach to the ordering process.

Begin on the "Create Your Own" page, where you'll find a drop-down menu that leads to the subcategory "Other Skins." Next, click "Customer VR Skins." Several top brands and models are represented, with favorites including:

  • Oculus Quest and Quest 2
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Oculus Go
  • HTC Vive and Vive Pro
  • Lenovo Mirage Solo
  • Samsung Odyssey Plus

Choose your preferred device, plus the desired finish. Next, click the "Create Your Own" prompt. At this point, you can add preferred images to your design. Feel free to upload directly from your device or select a style from your social media page. You can also take advantage of our exclusive collection of images.

As you apply images, pay close attention to placement. Before selecting a style, click your preferred component: the front, top, or bottom of the headset β€” or the left or right controller. Don't forget to add text or a monogram.

Take a close look at the preview screen to confirm that images and text are placed exactly as desired. Once satisfied, you'll be ready to complete your order.

The process looks a bit different if you choose to order in bulk. Under this approach, you're welcome to contact our team directly at Our experts will patiently guide you through the customization process.

With our oversight, you can feel confident that every VR headset will look and function exactly as desired. Better yet, the already affordable per-item cost can be further reduced when you order large quantities.


Partner With MightySkins

Are you ready to invest in high-quality VR headset skins that protect your most exciting tech? Look to MightySkins for affordable and reliable solutions. Our decals make it easy to customize your devices. They also keep scratches to a minimum.

We're also pleased to assist with inventory management. With our help, you can easily print QR codes or bar codes to keep track of large collections of VR headsets. No matter the scope of your business needs, we're here to help you make the most of our products.

Take the next step and give your business headsets the style and protection they deserve. MightySkins should be your go-to resource for all business device wraps. Contact us today to learn more.
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