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How to Customize Your PS5 Controllers & Gaming Console with Skins

How to Customize Your PS5 Controllers & Gaming Console with Skins

​​Modern video game consoles can be aesthetically appealing, but their designs don't appeal to all gamers. When the PlayStation 5 was first revealed, for example, some enthusiasts raved about its sleek appearance, complete with a white and black color scheme featuring blue details. Others, however, found the device downright drab.

Thankfully, it's possible to customize the PS5 console and the DualSense controller so that they live up to their full aesthetic potential. This can make an otherwise understated device feel more like a statement piece. It's also a great opportunity for personalizing your PS5 so that it better reflects all that makes you unique as a gamer and as an individual.

Multiple solutions allow you to adjust the appearance of your PS5, but few are as convenient or as attractive as MightySkins. Our products are available in a diverse array of finishes, such as matte, carbon fiber, and glossy glitter. They can be applied not only to the console itself, but also, to controllers and many other essentials.

Regardless of aesthetic preferences, our skins and wraps serve an important function: protecting your gaming equipment against scratches or other potential sources of damage. Your PS5 was a considerable investment, so why leave it vulnerable?

Still not sure how MightySkins should fit into your gaming experience? Keep reading to learn why the MightySkins approach to console customization is ideal for the PS5 — and to discover how they can upgrade every element of your gaming setup:


Why Skins?

Before you can understand why skins are so useful for gaming devices, it helps to know what they are and how they work. These automotive-grade adhesive vinyl products are carefully cut to fit each device perfectly. They can easily be applied or removed as you see fit. Advantages worth considering include the following:

  • Low cost. While the cost of MightySkins products can vary somewhat based on which devices they protect, they are, in general, reasonably priced. Custom PS5 console skins, for example, are available for $24.99, while skins for controllers can be purchased for just $14.99. Better yet: invest in a bundle that encompasses both the console and its controllers — both are included for $37.99. Special discounts are often available, making these products even more affordable.

  • Numerous customization options. While we offer a variety of impressive designs, we also recognize that many people have specific visions for their PS5 skins. As such, we make it easy to customize these products. Our "create your own" process includes the opportunity to upload preferred images. This can be followed by the addition of text or monograms. After customizing your console skin, take a close look with our preview tool to confirm that you like your design.

  • Easy to apply. The MightySkins application process is as straightforward as it gets. If you've ever applied a sticker to a three-dimensional object, you know exactly how it works. There's no need to worry about unsightly bubbles.

  • Can be removed. Should you eventually desire a new skin or simply want to see your console as it originally appeared, you can easily remove the skin. The skin will not leave any residue, so your console will look as good as new.


How MightySkins Work for the PS5

The process for customizing and ordering PS5 skins is always easy, but we've provided a thorough overview so you know exactly what to expect:

  • Console, controller, or bundle. As we've previously mentioned, MightySkins products are available not only for PlayStation consoles, but also, for custom PS5 controllers and other gaming essentials. Many gamers prefer to purchase these products in bundle form, as this ensures that both the console and its controller are protected. We're pleased to offer skins for both the original PS5 and the Digital Edition.

  • Choose a design. Once you've decided which aspects of the PS5 you want to customize and protect, it's time to move forward with the most enjoyable part of the ordering process: choosing and customizing the design! Feel free to select your favorite from our vast lineup, which includes a wide variety of colors, patterns, and concepts. Browse casually or use filters to streamline your search. Indicate whether you want the matte, carbon fiber, or glossy glitter finish — and you'll be ready to complete your order.

  • Create a design. If you prefer a customized look, you can either upload an image or select one of several that are available in our vast MightySkins collection. Again, be sure to indicate which finish you prefer. Feel free to add text or a monogram to further personalize your product.

  • Order fulfillment. Satisfied with your design? Now, it's time to complete your purchase and wait for your skins to ship. Several payment options are available, with shipping and taxes calculated at checkout. An express option is provided, but you can also input basic information and indicate if you'd like to receive news or special offers in the future. Don't forget to apply any gift cards or discount codes you might have.

  • Apply the skin. When your skins arrive, you'll be excited to see how they look on your console or controller. Before you apply them, use a microfiber cloth to gently remove any dust or debris that has accumulated on your devices. From there, you can remove the skins from their backing paper and gently apply. The skins can be gently peeled back if you need to adjust the alignment. When you're happy with how they're positioned, firmly press down, beginning at the center of each device and moving towards the edges.

  • Remove the skin. Durably MightySkins products stand the test of time, but you are welcome to remove them whenever you're ready. Lift the vinyl near an edge or corner and pull it gently off the console — your console or controller will still look pristine.



Can You Customize Your PS5?

With MightySkins, PS5 customization is not only possible, but also, downright enjoyable. We also offer skins for a variety of other gaming products, such as VR devices, wireless headsets, and Xbox equipment.

Our MightySkins Guarantee encompasses the "We Want You Happy" warranty, so we're committed to providing a return merchandise authorization if you aren't pleased with your purchase. That being said, we feel confident that you'll love your PS5 skins. Get started today or contact us for more information.
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