How To Market Your Brand With Promo Product Wraps


While many of today's businesses look to digital solutions such as social networking to build brand awareness, a variety of other options remain surprisingly effective for getting the word out. Often, these go beyond the digital realm to make a discernible difference in the real world, where consumers still crave tangible connections.

If you're ready to expand your outreach efforts, you may benefit from the use of branded vinyl wraps, which effectively promote your business while adding extra flair to your everyday life — and allowing others to do the same. Vibrant and fun to use, custom wraps and decals could make all the difference in your next marketing campaign.



Using Custom Promotional Products to Market Your Brand

Corporate branding ideas are often big and bold, and with good reason: it's important to make a statement. Sometimes, however, the simplest and most straightforward measures are also the most effective. If you are eager to get your brand's name and logo out into the public, you can achieve this important goal by highlighting your distinctive logo on a variety of objects and devices.

Versatile, Affordable Vinyl Wraps

The benefits of vinyl wraps for custom promotion abound. Chief among them: the sheer versatility of these products, which can be used to simultaneously add style and branded messaging to a wide array of items. From tech devices to coolers, almost any product you use on a regular basis can be decked out with vinyl wraps.

Custom vinyl wraps tend to be more affordable than other branded items, some of which may never be used in the first place. The cost of production for branded shirts and hats, for example, can run surprisingly high while often failing to deliver a desired return on investment due to sizing discrepancies or differing style preferences. Wraps, however, are extremely cost-effective and can be featured on items that recipients actually use on a regular basis. This ensures that custom promotional products are seen often enough to deliver an impressive ROI.

Brand Recognition

Another factor worth considering? The ability of your branded efforts to attract attention. This is certainly not a problem with custom wraps. Bold and vibrant, these beautifully designed products are sure to get people talking.

Whether they're used at home or while out in public, items adorned with vinyl wraps will quickly remind recipients of your brand. Because these wraps are so attractive, those who encounter them on a regular basis will come to associate your brand with quality and visual appeal. The stronger and more positive a brand association you are able to build over time, the better. This is your opportunity to engage your customer base.

Promote Branded Items with Custom Wraps

As mentioned previously, versatility serves as a primary benefit of using custom vinyl wraps for branded products. These wraps can be tailored to fit a vast array of commonly used items, including several trendy devices that are currently taking over the tech market.

On the hunt for corporate branding ideas that make full use of custom wraps? The following are just a few of the many items to consider integrating into your next campaign:

Amazon Fire 4K Remotes

The Amazon Fire TV remote provides an easy means of streaming content. This device can simply be plugged into an HDMI port to deliver the full functionality of a smart TV. Unfortunately, these remotes tend to be a bit drab. Branded vinyl wraps can change all that by delivering a dash of color, and better yet, a company logo. People spend a lot of time with their TVs these days — and every time they reach for the remote, they can be reminded of your brand. Why settle for a brief commercial when an Amazon Fire remote wrap will deliver a lasting message at a fraction of the price?

VR Gear

Virtual reality represents the next big step up in modern technology. VR devices immerse users in new worlds, making them feel as if they've actually stepped into fascinating environments to take on heart-racing adventures. At first glance, these devices might not seem particularly stylish, but that can be changed if they are decked out with custom wraps. From Samsung and Lenovo to trendy Oculus models, a variety of VR devices can look amazing if adorned with branded wraps.


These days, a laptop computer serves as far more than an easy-to-transport tech device. Increasingly, laptops reflect personal style. This makes them perfect for highlighting branded wraps and decals. If users love the look of these wraps, they'll be eager to show them off. Not only do they look amazing, custom laptop wraps provide a protective element that users will appreciate.


Hydration is critical, of course, but it now also offers the opportunity to make an eco-friendly statement while expressing personal style. Hence, the popularity of the Hydro Flask, which serves as a critical element of the modern VSCO girl's collection of accessories. Custom wraps and decals featuring logos or other branding elements make as grand of a statement as the tumblers on which they are displayed — and given the extent to which young users depend on these hydration devices, you can rest assured that your logo will be seen on a regular basis.


Nothing says relaxation quite like a day in the great outdoors. The equipment used to fuel this perfect day can easily be customized with attractive vinyl wraps. Coolers, in particular, are great for displaying branded products, as they attract plenty of attention and are regularly opened by a variety of enthusiastic people. Customized decals can be created and easily applied to deliver plenty of style to today's most popular YETI coolers and ice chests. Whether used for a backyard cookout or a camping trip, coolers featuring branded wraps will be seen by plenty of interested individuals.

No matter which small business promotional items you intend to level up with wraps, customization is key to success. The right design can instantly convey your company's culture, as well as the ideals you hold dear. Look for options that can be easily and specifically adjusted to fit your vision of the perfect branded item.

Color choice plays a critical role in customization, as the right hue can evoke the very essence of your brand. This is only the beginning, however. The customization process also should incorporate carefully selected text and images. This is your chance to highlight your distinctive logo or any other visual elements that you anticipate will foster wide scale brand recognition.

Create Customized Branded Wraps with MightySkins

As you seek new marketing and corporate branding ideas, don't hesitate to amp up your campaign with a collection of custom decals and wraps. You will quickly fall in love with these versatile and beautiful accessories — and you'll have no trouble attracting attention from new followers and longtime customers like.

MightySkins offers an impressive lineup of wraps that provide exceptional value for corporate branding efforts. Reach out to us at today to start representing your brand in a whole new way!