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What Accessories & Games for a Meta Quest 3 Do You Need?

What Accessories & Games for a Meta Quest 3 Do You Need?

You’ve just scored the latest Meta Quest 3 headset and are anxious to take it for a spin. This is your chance to embrace the crazy world of virtual reality. Without the right software and accessories, this mind-blowing tech will only take you so far. Thankfully, the Meta Quest 3 offers a wealth of exciting opportunities, along with much-needed peripherals that can keep you comfortable while flailing around the living room and in any 3D space.

We've already covered the best Oculus Quest 3 fitness games in-depth, but now, it's time to get more insight into the cutting-edge Meta Quest 3. Keep reading to gain insight into the best Meta Quest 3 VR accessories and games.

Is the Meta Quest 3 for Gaming?

There’s no shortage of office functionality to be found in the Meta Quest 3, but let’s be honest: very few people are going to pick up a Meta Quest 3 with only work in mind. Most consumers prefer to charge head-first into a world of mixed reality and full-blown VR games that are unlike anything found on traditional TV screens. In short: yes, the Meta Quest 3 is perfect for today's most dedicated VR gamers.

Essential Accessories

The fastest sports cars in the world aren’t much fun to drive without proper tires, premium fuel, and a killer racing seat. A similar concept can be found with the Meta Quest 3 — out of the box, it’s a functional piece of tech that feels solid, but the experience can be made so much better when the best accessories enter the picture. Essentials include:

Protective Skin

Don’t let your new Meta Quest 3 headset sit on the shelf without protection and personalization. Instead, give it the care and style it deserves: wrap it in a protective skin from Mighty Skins. With dozens of designs available that can be emblazoned upon both the headset and the Touch Plus controller, you can keep your Oculus Quest headset looking great while protecting it from unsightly scratches.

Silicone Face Cover

It’s easy to break a sweat during an intense VR gaming session, which is why having Meta’s silicone facial interface installed on your device is crucial. Not only is this silicone cover ultra-comfortable, it's also easy to clean. What's more, it blocks more outside light than the standard facial cover. At $39, it’s not exactly cheap — but it’s still a small price to pay for maximum comfort.

Silicone Controller Grips

Another byproduct of furious VR fun? Fatigued hands. This could lead to accidentally sending a Quest 3 controller into the atmosphere or worse, through a living room window. Knox Labs has created a set of silicone controller grips, complete with adjustable straps, to help players focus on the gaming experience and not the constant need to re-grip their controller. For just under $29, these active straps definitely get the job done.

Charging Dock

The Meta Quest 3 charging dock is a great space saver, especially given how much clutter today's gaming setups tend to generate. Even better, the dock includes two rechargeable batteries for the Touch Plus controllers, making the entire package very attractive at its reasonable $129 price point.

Carrying Case

There's no easier way to damage a VR headset than to toss it into a backpack without layered protection. These devices can be surprisingly vulnerable, and while skins and wraps provide a great start, further protection may be needed at times.

The solution? Pick up the highly-rated Syntech hard-carrying case for $32. This expansive case has room for an extra head strap as well as a charging cable. While the official Meta Quest 3 carrying case is also a good option, it’s considerably more expensive at $69.

Long Link Cable

The best way to play top-tier VR titles: connecting the Quest 3 to a powerful gaming PC — or even the newest M3 Pro laptop from Apple. Make this process easier with an extra-long link cable, like the one available from the previously mentioned Syntech. Their 16-foot USB-C cable is long enough to give players plenty of room to roam during any VR experience and features blazing-fast transfer speeds for low latency, all at the low price of $19.

Honorable Mention: Zenni Prescription Lenses

Lens maker Zenni has teamed up with Meta to offer prescription lenses that players can insert into their headsets. The price is right at $49, so this may be a highly compelling solution for a small but growing subset of VR enthusiasts.

Must-Have Games

Accessories might be important, but for many VR advocates, games are the main attraction. After all, with competition from Sony’s PSVR2 — as well as the Pico 4 and Apple’s impending Vision Pro headset — there’s never been a better time to become a VR gamer.

More good news: the Meta Quest 3 has received fantastic software support from some of the best game developers in the world. Below, we've highlighted a few essentials that any Meta Quest 3 owner should check out.

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR

Play as one of three legendary assassins in the latest entry of a classic franchise created specifically for VR. Sneaking around your own house has never been more enjoyable. If you're caught, the frenetic hand-to-hand combat can help you get out of a jam.


A modern classic of contemporary VR, Moss has thrilled many VR newbies since its release in 2018. Quill the mouse must overcome obstacles and vanquish foes in this unforgettable adventure game, which has already received an equally beloved sequel — Moss: Book II.

Superhot VR

Another trailblazer in the realm of modern virtual reality, Superhot blends first-person shooting with trippy time manipulation mechanics to create a truly unique experience. While the graphics may be simple, the game itself provides a solid challenge that gamers of all types will find compelling.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Zombies have been cannon fodder for video game players for decades — and it’s never been more fun to beat their (non)brains in. Not only is the combat enjoyable, but the game also calls for some fraught, gut-wrenching decisions. These touch choices were also faced by Walking Dead characters, so they should feel especially notable to fans of the TV show.

Beat Saber

The easiest way to describe the unique Beat Saber? Guitar Hero with lightsabers, but in VR. If that concept sounds appealing, then Beat Saber is right up your musical alley. Slash, swipe, and swing to the beat as you fend off a barrage of objects hurtling in your general direction. 

Samba de Amigo: Virtual Party

Straight out of the arcade and into your living room — Samba de Amigo: Virtual Party. The Touch Pro Controllers are transformed into a set of maracas, but it’s up to the player to shake along to the beat while completing StreamiGo! challenges or facing fierce competition in World Party mode. 

Level Up Your Meta Quest 3 Experience

Are you excited to amp up your gaming experience with the Meta Quest 3? If you're ready to invest in this VR gem, don't forget to adorn it and protect it with tailor-made Meta Quest 3 skins or wraps. Our MightySkins collection includes several compelling designs, plus the chance to Create Your Own. Get started today!

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