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What’s the Difference Between PS5 Slim and PS5?

What’s the Difference Between PS5 Slim and PS5?

There's a lot to love about the PlayStation 5. Expectations were high when this gaming wunderkind was released, and already, it's proven another runaway success for Sony. Still, a console redesign was inevitable, giving early adopters a tempting reason to upgrade. Known as the PS5 Slim, this update offers everything gamers love about the PS5 but in a smaller package.

Not sure if the PS5 Slim is worth the investment? Keep reading to learn about the changes Sony made to deliver this smaller and sleeker console. Along the way, we'll see whether it's worthy of replacing the tried-and-tested PlayStation 5.

PS5 Slim vs. PS5 Breakdown

In the 16-bit days of old, new versions of top consoles would often feature drastic hardware re-designs and entirely new chips and processors under the hood. These days, such bold measures simply aren’t needed, especially when Sony’s engineers and design team hit a home run on their first at-bat with their new console.

That doesn’t negate the need for improvement, so Sony took certain criticisms to heart when designing the new PS5 Slim. While the internals of the machine are largely the same, the outward design has been slightly revamped. Meanwhile, a bigger SSD is included to better store gigantic titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The most noteworthy element of the new PlayStation is the inclusion of a detachable disc drive for the digital version of the console. It’s a snap-on solution that will no doubt remind older games of the days of the Sega Genesis, which featured both Sega CD and 32X attachments that connected to their consoles.

The PlayStation 5 Slim is poised to replace the original PS5 on retail shelves, but now, there's a question plaguing those who already own the standard console: is the new slim model worth the price? There is no simple answer, and ultimately, this decision will come down to specific preferences regarding design and functionality.

Design and Build

When looking at the old and new PS5 models side-by-side, it’s easy to see where Sony made the most significant changes. Today's gamers seem to enjoy sleeker, more compact consoles, so it's easy to see why the new PS5 Slim has undergone some significant shrinkage. The disc version is now 24 percent lighter than the launch version, with the digital version enjoying an 18 percent drop in weight.

Both consoles are now shorter and narrower than their bulky older brothers, making them easier to stand up vertically. Sony has designed a new vertical stand that makes it easier to prop up the new PS5 Slim in a vertical orientation, an option that some gaming console aficionados prefer over the usual horizontal method.

As mentioned earlier, the digital edition of the new PS5 Slim can be paired with a Blu-ray disc drive that attaches to the console. To accommodate this, Sony had to re-design the white panels that adorn the console. While the launch version has one solid panel on each side, both the digital and disc-drive versions of the PS5 Slim feature two panels on either side.

Simply pop off the panel on the bottom-right of the digital edition and snap on the detachable disc drive to get a much-needed functionality boost. With four panels now blanketing the device, the ability to customize the look of the PS5 has never been greater.

The new design calls for extra protection, however, and customized PlayStation skins should provide additional confidence. MightySkins offers a huge selection of PS5 skin designs that can be emblazoned upon the console for maximum style and personality. This is a great option for protecting not only the new console but also the controllers by drawing on the comprehensive power of PS5 Slim bundle skins.

Performance and Hardware

Players can't help but speculate about whether the first refresh of the PlayStation 5 will feature improvements under the hood. The answer for those who crave more performance may be disappointing: not yet. Sony has decided that these new slim consoles will essentially replace the older units as the “base” model of the PlayStation 5.

The only tangible improvement that can be found inside the new consoles is a bigger 1TB SSD, which boasts an extra 175GB of internal storage space. Fans expecting an increase in horsepower will be better served to wait for the PS5 Pro, which is rumored to have a late 2024 release date.

Features and Functionality

Disappointed consumers hoping for improved specs can take solace in knowing that these new consoles can still pump out incredible graphics and unforgettable gaming experiences. With competition from rivals at Microsoft (the Xbox Series X), Sony continues to release high-quality video games like Spider-Man 2 to keep players on its side in the console wars.

Sony also strives for new ways to play PS5 titles with the recently released PlayStation Portal — a handheld device that can stream games from a connected PlayStation 5 to the Portal for an on-the-go gaming experience.

Game Compatibility and Disc Drive

Players with a huge library of older PlayStation 4 titles will be happy to learn that the new PS5 Slim console features the same backward compatibility as the original PS5 system. This goes for games being played on the detachable disc drive as well, a nice touch for digital version owners who may change their mind and decide to embrace physical media.

Pricing and Availability

Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other major retailers can be counted on to sell both versions of the PS5 Slim, even offering enticing bundles to sweeten the deal. For $499, consumers can pick up a disc version of the new PS5 bundled with either Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Digital edition consumers will need to shell out $449 for that version of the console, which doesn’t include a pack-in game. The detachable Blu-ray disc drive for the digital edition can be had for $79. Thankfully, the new consoles seem to be in good supply, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue tracking them down in stores or online.

User Experience and Reviews

Sony has done a fantastic job of putting the disc-read error days of the original PlayStation 2 firmly in the past. The last three consoles have been exceedingly reliable, with only a few reports of issues from select players. The launch edition of the PlayStation 5 has, so far, continued this trend. With so little changing for the general functionality of the new PS5 Slim consoles, it’s safe to say that these will be just as sturdy and dependable as their older counterparts.

Which Console is Better?

Anyone who has enjoyed using the PlayStation 5 for years can probably take a pass on the new PlayStation 5 Slim. Simply put, the reduced size and slightly larger SSD do not make this new edition a worthwhile replacement for its predecessor. For those still waiting to buy a PlayStation 5, the time is now. Great bundle deals make this an excellent opportunity to score an acclaimed console.

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