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Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S23: Compare Prices, Specs, & More

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S23: Compare Prices, Specs, & More

The smartphone battle between Samsung and Apple shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the competition is fiercer than ever, with almost every manufacturer releasing a new phone on a yearly basis.

Samsung is no stranger to this release strategy, and the latest marvel — the Samsung Galaxy S24 — is poised to grab attention from similar rivals like the OnePlus 12, Google Pixel 8, and Apple’s iPhone 15.

With the yearly nature of phone releases comes a natural question that plagues most consumers: is an upgrade really worth it? This is a difficult matter for those who already own a Galaxy S23 device — especially Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Not sure which smartphone to show off? Keep reading for an in-depth comparison between Samsung’s latest flagship phone — and the S23 model that’s already won plenty of supporters. We'll also reveal how to improve these devices with S23, S24, or S24 Ultra skins or wraps.


Side-by-Side Comparison

At first glance, the Galaxy S24 appears nearly identical to its older sibling. While that’s not technically a bad thing (especially given how incredible the Galaxy S23 design is) it only serves as another reminder of just how incremental phone upgrades have become. The Galaxy S24’s screen is just a hair bigger than the S23, while the screen-to-body ratio checks in at just over 90 percent. This inches out the S23 by more than 2 points.

The most stand-out design difference? The aluminum frame of the S24 now features flat sides. This is notable, in part, because it used to be a staple of older iPhone models. It’s a curious decision from Samsung — one that can easily be changed for a potential (and inevitable) S25 if user feedback warrants it. Either way, both devices are even better if decked out with the right protective case: a visually impressive S24 Plus wrap, for example, will certainly stand out.

Design and Display

Despite the S24’s familiar look and feel, it still has all the incredible hardware that fans would expect from a flagship Galaxy device. The dynamic AMOLED screen is a stunner, with a 2340 x 1080 resolution and HDR support. It also boasts the same high-quality materials that made the S23 so dependable.

Most notable? Scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass Victus 2 that is sure to save many a clumsy user from a screen-shattering disaster. Galaxy S phones have always had marvelous screens. If the S23’s display is essentially ported over to the latest device, it probably won't bother most consumers.

Users looking to add some additional style and personality to the new S24 can browse a huge selection of designs at MightySkins. While Samsung may not take any bold steps with phone design, that doesn’t mean Galaxy fans can’t deck out their device with eye-popping Samsung Galaxy skins or wraps that will turn heads. Better yet, custom Samsung Galaxy S23 or S24 skins that show plenty of personality.

Performance and Hardware

A new generation of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 CPU has found its way inside the Samsung Galaxy S24, giving the device a respectable boost in performance when compared to the S23. The earlier version ran on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and was plenty powerful in its own right.

A slightly upgraded Adreno 750 GPU can also be found in the S24, allowing users to play the most demanding mobile games. Curiously, the Exynos 2400 CPU from Samsung will power the S24 lineup of devices sold outside the United States.

Yet another incremental upgrade can be found in the battery, with Samsung opting for a 4000 mAh model for the S24. Given that the S23’s battery is just a bit smaller at 3900 mAh, it’s certainly not enough of an upgrade to make it a factor in a buying decision. Wireless charging has returned for the S24 — a popular feature that should be mandatory for any phone released in the future.

Camera and Photography

So many of the improvements in smartphone cameras can be attributed not to the hardware but rather the software processing the photos. AI has been a major focus in just about every tech industry in the last several years, and smartphones are no different.

Samsung is playing up the faster Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. Now, add improved software running on Android 14. Together, these upgrades should boost photo quality in a tangible way. Of course, Galaxy AI editing tools are always available for a touchup.

The cameras used by the Samsung Galaxy S23 have returned for the S24 edition. Highlights include a50 megapixel main camera, a 10 MP second camera (with telephoto lens ), and a 12 MP ultrawide lens.

Software and AI Features

While Galaxy S23 users are forced to wait for a future update to make use of exciting AI features, the S24 will have them from the jump. Google’s Circle to Search is a fantastic function, allowing users to search for anything they highlight. S24 owners will also get some handy real-time translation and transcription features, powered by on-phone AI meant to keep their personal data safe.

For consumers with a little more cash to spend, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature support for Samsung’s S Pen. While this may seem like the recipe for a lost stylus, the S24 Ultra includes a slot for keeping the S Pen safe.

Fantastic generative AI features like live translate will be running through Android 14, the latest version of Google’s operating system. While this newest release from Android doesn’t have any standout features, small improvements to data security, battery life, and text scaling are certainly beneficial.

Special Features and Connectivity

The Galaxy S series typically includes an Ultra, which packs the biggest screen and finest build quality. This approach has worked in the past, so why stop now? The S24 Ultra features a titanium build, S Pen integration, and specially named Titanium colors. For the base model of the S24, fans can choose from such favorites as Cobalt Violet, Amber Yellow, and Onyx Black.

Samsung is banking on the advanced AI features to help sell the S24 to skeptical consumers. For Galaxy fans looking for any excuse at all to make the leap forward, it should work. For consumers who just bought the S23 last year? It could be a tougher sell.

Price and Availability

Smartphone prices have stayed relatively consistent over the last several years. Samsung probably won't start making waves in that regard. The base model of the Galaxy S24 will retail for $799 in the US, with the Galaxy S24 Plus hitting shelves at $999 for the 256GB model. S24 Ultra devotees should expect to shell out between $1,299 and $1,659 for the best device Samsung offers.

Samsung’s latest lineup of Galaxy smartphones are in stores now, after a January 31st launch that saw Samsung supporters packing stores and online queues to get their hands on these in-demand devices. Scoring this device should not be a problem; the next step is to protect it with custom S24 or S24 Ultra skins or wraps.

Is the Galaxy S24 Worth Upgrading?

Most modern smartphone consumers find a favorite brand and stick with it. The latest favorites include the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Google Pixel 8, and the OnePlus 12. This begs the question: is the Samsung Galaxy S24 great enough to make devoted Apple or Pixel fans switch sides?

It’s certainly possible, especially given the wealth of AI options that Samsung has packed into the device. For those who already have an S23 (and are considering an upgrade), this could be a simple matter of patience. After all, Samsung has promised to add those fascinating AI features to older devices like the S23. For everyone else, the Galaxy S24 just might be worth a look.

Whether you want to stick with the S23 or try the S24, you can count on Samsung Galaxy skins or wraps to make your favorite device feel fresh. There are many excellent options available, including S23 skins for satisfied users or S24 skins when you're ready to upgrade. If you need wraps for the S24 Plus or S24 Ultra, you'll find plenty of attraction options from MightySkins. Use the Create Your Own feature from MightySkins to show off your unique sense of style.
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