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Top 10 Patriotic Tailgate Wraps for American Pickup Trucks

Top 10 Patriotic Tailgate Wraps for American Pickup Trucks

Today's pickup trucks are undeniably stylish, but that doesn't stop drivers from wanting to deck out their vehicles. Several opportunities are available for personalizing pickup trucks, but tailgate wraps are easily the most straightforward to select and apply. Trimmed to fit most full-sized trucks, they are constructed from high-quality vinyl that can be removed as easily as a decal. Durability is guaranteed, as is style.

Patriotic wraps, in particular, bring compelling images to your ride. They can be used to demonstrate your love for your country or for the service members, law enforcement officials, and firefighters that protect it.

If you like the idea of adding a patriotic wrap to your tailgate but aren't sure which deserves a spot on your truck, don't worry; we have many great options available at MightySkins. Below, we've highlighted ten of the best patriotic truck tailgate wraps available:


1. American Flag   

Few images bring patriotism to mind quite like an American flag decal or wrap. Simple and effective, this awe-inspiring image showcases your love for your country. Several takes on this instantly identifiable flag are available, including American flag tailgate wraps that integrate the camo or are meant to look as if they're flying in the wind.



2. Bald Eagle   

Another impactful symbol that's sure to bring tears to your eyes, the bald eagle delivers a fierce look. This beloved bird symbolizes courage and strength — qualities that you also convey simply by driving a pickup with the right tailgate graphics. Still, these essentials will be even more evident when your truck is adorned by this easily identifiable bird of prey.


3. Blue Line  

Pay homage to officers killed in the line of duty with an image of the American flag containing a thin blue line. Multiple versions of this wrap are available, including an edgier edition that incorporates a compelling grunge aesthetic.

No matter which blue line you choose, you'll quickly find that blue line vehicle wraps demonstrate your support for our nation's hardworking law enforcement officials.


4. Red Line   

Every day, firefighters put their lives on the line to keep community members safe. Their work can be terrifying, but it's also deeply inspiring.

Red line flags remind us that not just anyone has what it takes to face deadly flame as they seek to save lives. This message can instantly be shared with a red line flag wrap, which shows support for current firefighters and pays homage to those who have perished while serving the communities they hold dear.



6. White Line   

While all thin line flags are distinctive in their own way, the white line really stands apart. This image is set against a predominantly blue version of the American flag. It is meant to pay respects to emergency medical services (EMS) workers, who are a critical component of the health care system.

Sadly, EMS, EMT, and paramedics often feel that their profession does not receive enough respect. A patriotic tailgate wrap with an image dedicated to these workers should help to reverse this problem.


7. Armed Forces Flags   

Active military personnel and veterans alike can display their personal pride in the form of armed forces flag tailgate wraps. These accessories highlight the various service branches of the military, all of which warrant recognition.

The comprehensive nature of this image makes it a great option for proud pickup truck drivers with loved ones affiliated with multiple military branches or a general affinity for the armed forces. It can be accompanied by the phrase "support our troops" or an image of the American flag.


8. POW MIA Flag   

Few displays are as gut-wrenching as the National League of Families POW/MIA flag. This flag reminds us of the many families suffering the constant unknown as they search for military members who are missing in action or have been taken prisoners of war.

Featuring a simple, but compelling silhouette, the POW/MIA flag shows a prisoner standing near a guard tower. This could represent countless individuals we've lost track of — or lost for good — over the years. They should never be forgotten, nor will they when their flag is proudly displayed on pickup truck tailgates.


9. American Farmer    

Patriotic imagery shouldn't be limited to police officers and military heroes alone. Yes, these inspiring individuals deserve recognition, but many other hardworking Americans should also receive admiration and support. Farmers, for example, all too often fail to get the praise they've earned.

Whether you're a proud American farmer or you simply appreciate all that they make possible by feeding this nation, you can pay your respects with a tailgate wrap dedicated to the agricultural industry's finest workers. Many images include the impossible-to-miss image that typically is called on to symbolize the profession: a tractor.




10. Customize Your Own    

The images highlighted above promise to level up your ride, but nothing compares to a personalized wrap that reflects your personality and patriotism. Draw on the above ideas and add a dose of creativity to develop a customized look that sets your truck apart.

Your idea of the perfect tailgate wrap might include flags, bald eagles, or an image that's only meaningful to you — but no matter what the end product looks like, you'll be eager to showcase your special design.


Upgrade Your Tailgate With MightySkins

Whether you want to draw attention to your patriotic side or show off another aspect of your personality, you'll find it easy to give your ride a unique aesthetic when you make the most of the truck tailgate wraps from MightySkins.

You're welcome to use one of our designs or create your own. Either way, you'll be excited to hit the road in the most patriotic pickup imaginable. Contact us today to learn more about our collection of patriotic wraps or visit our site to customize your own.

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