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Top 10 Student Discounts Too Cool for School

Top 10 Student Discounts Too Cool for School

Compromise is no option for today's students, who want it all: the trendiest devices and the best, most reliable services — at a price that won't break the bank.

All this is possible, but it may take considerable research to determine where the best options are available. This can be time-consuming, but don't worry: we've highlighted a few of the best student discounts below:


Device Skins

From smartphones to gaming consoles and everything in between, you subject a variety of devices to the elements on a daily basis. Why not give these essentials the protection they deserve? Not only do custom skins and wraps prevent unsightly scratches, but they also allow you to personalize your favorite devices.

Skins and wraps are always affordable, but student discounts make them an even better prospect from a financial standpoint. Use the promo code 25off4edu along with your .edu email address to get 25 percent off your purchases from MightySkins. In addition to producing immediate savings, this will protect your devices for the long term, so you don't need to shell out for replacements.


Apple Music

Student subscriptions for Apple Music deliver significant discounts for up to 48 months. Another benefit? Access to Apple TV+. To qualify, you must be on the path to obtaining a bachelor's or a graduate degree. Student subscriptions can be secured via the UNiDAYS website, where you can verify your college enrollment.


Car Insurance

Full-time students are often eligible for steep discounts on car insurance premiums — sometimes bringing these payments down by 10 or even 15 percent. These discounts may hinge on GPA, so be prepared to provide transcripts or other verification. Eligibility may also be limited based on driving history. This should provide extra motivation to remain as responsible as possible behind the wheel.

Not sure if you're eligible for car insurance discounts? Ask your agent for insight. If your insurance provider doesn't offer student discounts, it might be time to switch. This single change could produce hundreds in annual savings.


Cell Service

You rely on your cell phone plan to keep in touch with loved ones and keep tabs on social media. Because your phone is such a crucial component of your daily life, you're willing to pay a bit extra to ensure stellar service. Unfortunately, providers often take advantage of this dependence, charging exorbitant rates that eat up already limited budgets.

If you're not willing to skimp on cell service, look carefully at student discounts. Many carriers cut students a break in hopes of keeping them in the fray for years to come. Verizon may be your best bet, as its student discounts dramatically reduce the price of unlimited cell phone plans. Depending on your college, you may also qualify for the AT&T Signature Program.


Amazon Prime Student

Score free food delivery, affordable entertainment, and all kinds of other perks with help from Amazon Prime Student. This gem of a program has brought millions of college students into the Amazon fold.

The trial period begins with six months free of charge. This is a far better deal than the mere thirty-day trial for standard Amazon Prime. Once your six months are up, consider sticking around; you can take advantage of a steeply discounted rate as long as you remain enrolled.


Laptops + Tablets

Laptops are non-negotiable college resources. Used in class, during study groups, and during long sessions at the local library or coffee shop, these devices help you keep up with your studies in every setting or situation imaginable.

Many affordable Chromebook options are available, but high-level academic work often calls for expensive devices that can set you back thousands of dollars. Targeted discounts can mitigate this, however.

Education pricing is a key perk for Apple devices, making investments in the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro more palatable. Similar programs are also available via ASUS, Dell, HP, and many other top tech companies. Don't forget to safeguard your investment with wraps or decals that protect against unsightly scratches.


Magazine Publications

Both digital and print magazine subscriptions are available for shockingly low prices. These publications can provide not only a consistent source of written entertainment, but also, insight into a variety of academic concerns.

Score unlimited reading material with the aforementioned Amazon Prime Student — or take advantage of discounts from magazine subscription services that cater to students.

Check with individual publications to determine whether they offer reduced rates. WIRED, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg all have student subscriptions or academic rates, as do many other respected publications.


Software + Apps

As a budget-conscious student, you may be accustomed to downloading the free versions of all your favorite programs or apps. This can produce significant savings, but paid versions are far more robust.

Thankfully, the .edu part of your email address can produce powerful savings on otherwise expensive software or app downloads.

Examples of student discounts include:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Evernote Personal
  • Skillshare
  • GitHub Student Developer Pack

In addition to valuable discounts, you may be able to access some programs free of charge. Microsoft Office 365, for example, is free for anyone with a valid email address ending in .edu. As a student who makes heavy use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you simply cannot afford to skip this opportunity.


Spotify Premium Student with Hulu + SHOWTIME

Enjoy all the hottest music with help from a Spotify Premium subscription. This gives you ad-free access to Spotify at a reasonable rate. What's more, your Spotify subscription is accompanied by access to the ad-supported version of Hulu.

Expand your entertainment selection even further with help from the SHOWTIME channel — another noteworthy perk of your status as a Spotify student subscriber.


Trendy Retailers

Amp up your wardrobe with help from exclusive retailer discounts. UNiDAYS and Student Beans are the go-to options for the trendiest students. These websites offer easy access to discounts from recognizable brands such as Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Levi's, and more. Several beauty, wellness, and lifestyle discounts are also available to student members.


Score Exclusive Student Deals & Save Money

Financial sacrifice may be expected for today's college students, but that doesn't mean you have to lead an austere lifestyle. Small splurges make life more convenient and enjoyable — and they're well within reach when you take advantage of your student status and exclusive discounts at checkout.

Our team at MightySkins is happy to help, so don't hesitate to make the most of our student discount program. Get started on our Create Your Own page or contact us to learn more.
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