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Top 6 Victrix Pro FS 12 Custom Mods To Try Out

Top 6 Victrix Pro FS 12 Custom Mods To Try Out

The all-button fight stick revolution has arrived. Already, a variety of challengers are duking it out to become the go-to manufacturer of these killer boxes. At this point, there really is something for everyone.

An unexpected victor? The Victrix Pro FS 12. It aims to stand out from top competitors like Razer and Hit Box. This cutting-edge controller is not only hot out of the box but also begging to be customized. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and officially licensed for use on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the Victrix Pro FS 12 is built to blow minds and blow away the competition.

Players looking for the ultimate competitive edge in their fighting games should consider the wide range of mods available for their new all-button fight stick. These do it all: boost performance and ergonomics while offering unmatched personalization.

Ready to amp up your game? We’ve found some of the best ways to mod the Victrix Pro FS 12 to get it ready for high-level Street Fighter 6 matches that would look right at home on stage at EVO. You'll learn how to take your fight stick's performance to the next level while improving its appearance with custom Victrix Pro FS 12 skins and wraps. 

1. Aesthetic Modifications

If looks are a priority, good news abounds: the Victrix Pro FS 12 is definitely not lacking in style. That being said, not all gamers are enamored with the all-white or purple options available.

No worries. MightySkins boasts a huge assortment of designs custom-made for the ultimate fight stick. There is nothing wrong with making the most of a controller that forces opponents to steal glances during the heat of the battle. An eye-catching design from MightySkins makes a statement and then some.

Cracking open the Victrix Pro FS 12 and swapping out buttons is an absolute breeze, thanks to the giant door that’s located on the back of the box. It certainly beats breaking out the tiny screwdriver any time modifications are needed. While there’s not a lot of room to work with inside the box, creative minds will almost certainly find a way to cram some cool lights in for added flash.

2. Performance Enhancements

The Victrix Pro FS 12 uses high-quality Sanwa buttons. Fighting game fans have ranked these at the top of the list when it comes to arcade stick components. Sanwa parts are made to last — and most players won’t feel the need to make changes.

On the hunt for alternate options? Consider seeking enhancements from another top Japanese manufacturer: Seimitsu. This trusted name offers buttons in various sizes and many dynamic colors. Tekken players will be busting out unbeatable combos in no time with help from dependable, time-tested buttons from heavyweights in the fighting game scene.

3. Ergonomic Improvements

The Victrix Pro FS 12 offers many fantastic features, but there is no denying the value of the large grips at each end of the device. These rubberized grips are multipurpose marvels: they easily carry the device while also acting as a stable grip so it won’t slip and slide on the surface it’s being played on.

Early Victrix Pro FS-12 reviewers were quite fond of the controller’s feel and the ergonomic design, but there’s always room for improvement. Thankfully, modifying the height — and the angle at which the user interacts with the controller — can be simple and affordable.

Some strategies are as straightforward as placing books or slightly trimmed corks on the bottom of the device. These function a lot like small feet, allowing the player to increase the angle at which they operate. Most ergonomic improvements will require a DIY mentality — something most fighting game players certainly do not lack.

4. Audio Modifications

Most fighting game competitions are raucous affairs filled with trash-talking, cheering, and, of course, the unmistakable sound of clicking buttons. However, before those noisy battles can be won, players need to practice. Some marathon sessions can be expected to extend deep into the night.

Players who wish to keep the noise complaints to a minimum should consider buttons made specifically for quiet play. While the included buttons from Sanwa Denshi are great, some players prefer the quiet comfort offered by Gamerfinger. Punk Workshop also makes fantastic buttons that are responsive as well as discreet.

5. Connectivity and Compatibility Mods

Since the Victrix Pro FS12 fight stick is an officially licensed product from Sony, compatibility will never be an issue on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. This is great news for PlayStation pugilists, but Xbox owners will need to get creative when it comes to using the Victrix Pro FS12 on their console of choice.

Thankfully, excellent solutions exist thanks to the folks at Brook Gaming. The Wingman lineup of USB devices can convert essentially any PS5 controller into one that can be used on the Xbox Series S/X consoles. Available on Amazon, these dongles could prove to be a game-changer for multi-platform fighting game fans who don’t want to dish out extra money for an Xbox-specific fight stick.

6. Protective Mods

We've touched on the value of aesthetic enhancements and performance boosts, but the longevity of the Victrix Pro FS 12 must also be considered. Like any device, it has its vulnerabilities. These might not be immediately evident given the uniquely durable construction, but they exist nonetheless.

Why not boost both protection and style? These can both secure a major upgrade with help from skins or wraps, which limit the potential for unsightly scratches or other possible forms of damage. This is an investment worth protecting, so don't hesitate to deck it out in a custom Victrix Pro FS skin or wrap that will make a powerful impression.

Protective solutions may also be needed for the myriad of cables that are required. A detachable cable system is always a safe bet, ensuring longevity while also ensuring a sleek look. These also amp up convenience, which should be top of mind when implementing custom mods.

Customize Your Victrix Pro With MightySkins

The Victrix Pro FS-12 is absolutely an investment worth making, but it may call for some adjustments to reach its full potential. Whether you want to tweak the performance or upgrade its style, the right mods will give you an edge so you can follow in the footsteps of top gamers like Justin Wong.

No matter how you proceed with fight stick mods, you will be amazed by the low latency and the exceptional quality of the Victrix Pro FS-12. There are many elevated features that give this fight stick a huge edge over trusted options from Hori, Qanba, and PDP.

This is an amazing time to get in on the action, and with an array of custom Victrix Pro FS skins and wraps to choose from, you can easily personalize the experience.

Ready to amp up your fight stick? Look to MightySkins for the best gaming skins and wraps. We offer many trendy designs, plus, the opportunity to show off your sense of style with our Create Your Own function. Get started today and get ready to give your Victrix Pro FS-12 an instant aesthetic boost.

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