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Why the Razer Kitsune Stands Out Among Arcade Controllers

Why the Razer Kitsune Stands Out Among Arcade Controllers

Fighting games have been packing arcades, game rooms, and convention centers for decades, with players of all skill levels duking it out for supremacy. As these games have evolved, so have the ways that players control them.

Gone are the days of a simple arcade stick with a few buttons —today’s scene demands that fighting game controllers feature ultra-low latency buttons and plenty of options for macros and customization.

The Razer Kitsune all-button arcade controller aims to finally bring the stick-less arcade controller to the masses. This is an exciting opportunity, especially for ambitious gamers who demand elite performance. Why should players consider the Razer Kitsune over other all-button optical arcade controllers like the Hit Box? Keep reading to find out.

Key Features

There's a lot to love about the Razer Kitsune, with a variety of unique features promising to elevate any gaming experience. Major perks include:

Leverless Design

Anyone who has played arcade fighting games should be familiar with the basic control layout: a joystick moves the character while buttons are used for punching and kicking. Leverless controllers have re-invented these interactions, albeit in an extremely simple way: by removing the joystick altogether. When the classic joystick is replaced with buttons, common actions can be tapped out in lighting-fast motion.

Top Plate and Build

Razer’s reputation for making high-quality arcade sticks means that players expect premium components that look great and are made to last. The aluminum top plate on the Kitsune is sleek and durable, so it should hold up under the constant impact players are sure to exert.

Thanks to its leverless design, the Kitsune boasts a portable form factor that’s slim and low profile enough to fit into almost any backpack. Hauling around a bulky arcade stick was the bane of every fighting game fan’s existence, but that problem has been eliminated with help from the Kitsune.

Button Layout and Switches

Few things in life are more satisfying than pressing the buttons on a well-made arcade stick. With the Razer Kitsune, this experience is sublime, as the linear optical switches are whisper-quiet while providing just enough feedback. The precise quad-movement button layout is ergonomically designed to minimize the pains commonly associated with using fight sticks.

Best of all? No button has been spared on the Kitsune, meaning players can also use it with any non-fighting game they want — and without having to compromise on control.

Razer Chroma RGB

The Kitsune takes advantage of the Razer Chroma ecosystem to provide over 16 million different RGB lighting combinations. This intriguing feature allows players to express their individuality through the simple power of their controller, although this ability can also be amplified with the right gaming skins or wraps.

Connectivity Options

As an officially licensed PlayStation 5 product, the Razer Kitsune works flawlessly with any game on Sony’s latest platform. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the older PlayStation 4.

Thankfully, third-party dongles and connectors allow players to use their new fight stick on the PS4. Once players are connected to their console of choice, they will rest easy knowing their Kitsune won’t get accidentally unplugged. After all, the locking cable security clasp keeps the USB-C cable connected. When not in use, the detachable USB type C cable can be stored in a backpack for added mobility.

Special Editions and Personalization

For elite gamers, the decision to invest in the Razer Kitsune should be simple. More difficult? Choosing a particular edition and finding the best ways to personalize the device. We've highlighted a few compelling options below:

Street Fighter 6 Editions

Razer’s relationship with Capcom paves the path for two special edition controllers featuring Street Fighter 6 favorites Chun-Li and Cammy. The PlayStation 5 is the ultimate home for top Street Fighter 6 players around the world, so it’s fitting that Razor and Capcom would team up for this cool collaboration.

Custom Skins

Players who would rather deck out their new controllers with different designs or characters should check out MightySkins and create custom Razer Kitsune skins. Made from a durable material that will hold up to heavy use, products from MightySkins can take an already fantastic-looking controller and add a dose of individuality. Console skins are also available, and like controller skins, they are easy to customize.

Gaming Experience and Performance

Razer’s Kitsune provides all the performance benefits of traditional fight sticks, as well as some great quality-of-life features that players will love. A tournament lock switch that disables all non-essential buttons should keep gamers focused on the action.

SOCD (simultaneous opposing cardinal directions) cleaning options will be coming in a future firmware update. Performance-wise, the Kitsune is tournament-ready and will soon be a staple at Evo and other big events.

Is the Razer Kitsune Worth It?

Perhaps the most notable thing about Razer’s latest leverless controller isn’t the build quality, the responsive buttons, or even its $299 price tag. Rather, it’s the fact that the device will be easily available for purchase. The fighting game community craves such accessible devices, but boutique independent manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up with demand.

Razer’s foothold in the peripherals market — paired with a dependable distribution pipeline — means that more players will get the chance to wage war online and in-person with a leverless arcade controller.

As we previously mentioned, the Kitsune retails for $299, which is far more expensive than top devices from competitors Hori, Mad Catz, and Hit Box. That being said, the Kitsune has won fans and acclaim throughout the fighting game community. Many believe it's the best device they’ve ever used. For the truly elite gamer, it’s clear that Razer’s Kitsune is worth every penny.

If you're ready to invest in the Razer Kitsune, you should also be prepared to protect it with skins, or wraps from MightySkins. Check out our vast collection for the Razer Kitsune or get started by using the Create Your Own page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to learn even more about the cutting-edge Razer Kitsune? Check out the answers to several common questions:

What is the Razer Kitsune?

A leverless controller from one of the top peripheral makers in the world, the Razor Kitsune ditches the joystick in favor of low-profile buttons that drastically reduce user input error.

Is the Razer Kitsune tournament legal?

Players looking to bring a Razer Kitsune controller to their tournament of choice will have no problem getting into the action.

What type of buttons does the Razer Kitsune have?

With twelve main buttons on the face and five buttons on top for options (as well as the PlayStation 5’s L3 and R3 buttons), the Razer Kitsune has no shortage of switches for players demanding the ultimate in control.

Is the Razer Kitsune hot-swappable?

Razer products are always durable — but should the need to replace a broken or damaged button arise, the Kitsune allows owners to swap them out with new buttons from Razer or third-party providers.

Does Razer Kitsune work with PC?

PC gamers will be happy to learn that the Razer Kitsune is compatible with Windows 10, plus the huge assortment of fighting games played on that platform.

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